Nuvalo: A Different Approach to IT Modernization through Data Driven Insights

Manon Buettner, CEO and Founder
In early 2016, Nuvalo’s CEO, Manon Buettner started to realize that organizations could no longer keep up with the pace of innovation. At the same time she predicted that over 90% of all enterprise IT groups had very little oversight of their current IT ecosystems. The combination of these two hurdles proved a true detriment to making the right IT modernization decisions for organizations of all sizes.

So the Nuvalo team moved into action. First up, they were determined to help IT organizations understand what they currently own and the economics tied to that ownership. The Nuvalo Clear Vision platform was born with automated solutions for discovery and analysis of on-premise, private and public cloud assets. And, because modernization decisions should be made with a clear understanding of ROI, all assets are tied to financial models providing the data for data driven insights.

Next up was the building of a program that navigates the disruption by knowing the best route to modernization. Nuvalo joined hands with top IT market analysis firms for access to aggregated information of new innovation coming from legacy platforms and “born in the cloud” technologies that follow the OpEx model. Through monthly cadence meetings with many of the vendors, Nuvalo market analysis is kept current.

With these key initiatives Nuvalo’s clients have the confidence to make smart, cost-effective decisions. By providing their clients with a view of their current state and a series of recommendations for modernization, Nuvalo enables faster adoption of new technologies, and, as a direct result, drives greater business competitiveness, productivity, and innovation.

According to the Nuvalo engineering team, the four key areas for optimization are: infrastructure, networking, unified communications and security. With unlimited solutions in each of these areas, organizations now have more choices and can select the solution that aligns best with their business goals.

Our goal is to elevate our clients to super hero status so they can help their organization thrive during these times of accelerated innovation

With that, each vendor has their own idiosyncrasies and navigating those waters can be challenging and time consuming. Nuvalo acts as a liaison between their clients and the technology vendors during the sourcing process, thus saving them time, money and lowering their risk.

But, it isn’t just about the technology. People and process are just as important. Team adoption is key and requires human transformation when introducing new solutions to the business. As new technology is introduced, processes need to be streamlined. We emphasize this throughout our projects and act as a trusted advisor focused on change management while recognizing industry trends such as shortage of IT talent, security and compliance are in the forefront, subscription-based economy, software defined systems and applications that work.

Earlier this year Nuvalo joined hands with Google to integrate some of the most innovative cloud solutions in the industry. Although many of Nuvalo’s projects have involved public cloud migrations, the Google Cloud Platform provides another level of modern compute solutions for Nuvalo’s customers.

In closing, Nuvalo has developed some of the most intuitive tools and processes in the industry to support IT transformation and modernization. In conjunction with supporting their clients, they have planned several educational workshops with the goal of giving back to the IT community by providing best practices for transformation and marketing analysis to support organizations every step of the way.


Bellevue, WA

Manon Buettner, CEO and Founder and Tony Giampaolo, Principal, Engineering & Operations & Michelle Kirkpatrick, Strategic Resources and Partnerships

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