NuVeda: Impacting KM Space through Continuous Learning

Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan, CEO
“Everyone in this world is in a quest to learn. Some know it. Some do not. Learning starts when you say 'I don't know,”—powerful words from Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan, CEO, NuVeda, a firm whose e-learning services are revolutionizing the e-learning experience in the industry. Krishnan, a true thought leader in the Knowledge Management space has been giving learning a new dimension through his company—aptly named NuVeda. “Sooner an employee learns, sooner the team, and sooner the company grows,” says Krishnan. The savant believes in contextual learning and banks on ‘Feedback’—which is the most necessary element to fortify learning—the idea that forms the crux of NuVeda. The Minnesota & Colorado based firm creates innovative learning solutions to foster continuous learning for individuals, teams and organizations alike.

Leveraging the latest feedback technologies, NuVeda creates Continuous Learning Organizations (CLOs). NuCLO™, NuVeda’s Continuous Learning Platform, CALF™ and Courseware form the crux of NuVeda’s portfolio of solutions helping in creating Continuous Learning Organizations (CLOs). NuCLO™ (New Continuous Learning Organization) is a very powerful tool that manages instructor led learning, blended learning, online learning, and comes equipped with an e-commerce system which grows revenues for its clients. CALF™ on the other hand is a simple online tool that incorporates a 180° feedback methodology to collect learning application data, validate and measure participants in the learning process. This includes how effectively, has the learner learnt, does the manager see the learning changes, does the trainer observe their teaching taking hold and how has the organization benefited.

The other solution, Courseware provides more than 300 online courses for managers and individuals and all courses are equipped with implementation guides and job aids.

Individuals, teams and companies that continually learn always have a competitive edge

These courses help build the skills needed to manage individual and team performance, engage and retain employees, as well as contribute to organization success.

A leading training company’s management and leadership training activities were plagued with the issue of demonstrating internal investment of their over expensive programs in the light of their world-class content. NuVeda helped the client overcome the issue by providing its NuCLO™ platform to manage physical sessions, provide blended learning options and collect valuable data to demonstrate learning application through ‘Learning Application Posts’ (LAPs for short). Through LAPs, NuVeda gathered the business impact of those learning applications and helped procure the desired ROI.

CALF™ promises to take outcome based learning to new frontiers by providing learning analytics that interest the learner as well as the others in the feedback ecosystem. Through active gamification techniques, learners and managers are pushed to give and receive feedback continually. CALF™ is also engineered to connect and enhance existing Learning and Knowledge management systems through a robust API (Application Protocol Interface). “We are trying to move the entire learning industry into outcome based learning versus learning just for learning sake,” concludes Krishnan.


Minnesota & Colorado, U.S.

Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan, CEO

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