Nuvolo Technologies Corporation: A Next Generation Unified Platform

Asim Rizvi , CTO
A true enterprise asset and service management platform provides the capability for organizations to materialize its business processes efficiently. However, legacy enterprise asset management still use outdated client-server centric technology that lacks flexibility and mobile capability needed to support a modern enterprise. Further, multiple legacy enterprise asset management solutions operate within the enterprise with no integration to ensure accurate asset cost, employee safety, regulatory risks, and less productivity loss. Ultimately the end user experience is hampered as there are different tools that manage the work and assets. “Many organizations still operate through manual processes for validation, data entry, compliance, risk, liability, and task management,” says Asim Rizvi, CTO, Nuvolo. Rizvi believes that at Nuvolo, teams focus on eradicating old problems that require innovation to transform an existing environment. Nuvolo technologies—a next generation enterprise cloud platform, addresses major capability gaps that exists in today’s enterprise asset management marketplace. “Our vision is for a unified enterprise asset management platform, supporting a diverse portfolio of asset classes built on ServiceNow—an enterprise cloud IT platform,” adds Rizvi.

Nuvolvo associates with ServiceNow as it offers incredibly secure, scalable and flexible toolkits for building enterprise scale solutions. ServiceNow platform fulfills their requirement of enterprise assets to be ‘network aware’, from a dependency and data exchange perspective. Nuvolo’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform presents contemporary, mobile friendly solution where a technician can enter work order data at the ‘point of service’ eliminating data loss, improving productivity and reducing risk. This platform allows service providers to complete work—both on-line and offline— for accommodating difficult working environments.

With the power of automation and process simplification, Nuvolo’s enterprise facilities, clinical and lab asset management suites allow organizations to combine its IT, facilities, and enterprise asset and service management in a single platform. These capabilities result in reduced manual intervention from process, routing and end-user interaction perspective. The company has also made efforts to lower the cost pressures from Affordable Care Act by automatically creating maintenance work orders based on utilization data.
Nuvolo’s solutions for clinical, lab and facilities asset management focus on basic functional areas like inventory management, which includes tracking and classifying clinical assets. They automatically identify affected assets based on alert data, and manage contracts and service of these devices with clinical engineering suppliers or manufacturers. These solutions also focus on the compliant management of clinical devices and facilitates itemized cost capture for total cost calculation. The reporting and analytics functionality carries compliance reporting to understanding total cost of ownership, and strong analytical tools for mining excellent data. “Our solutions also focus on the creation, retention, and enforcement of knowledge related to clinical asset management along with extending the ability to enforce procedure checklists,” asserts Rizvi.

Our vision is for a unified enterprise asset management platform, supporting a diverse portfolio of asset classes built on ServiceNow-an enterprise cloud IT platform

Delivering these functionalities, Nuvolo has created, implemented and supported business applications for a huge customer base. For instance, a healthcare provider was managing medical equipment across disparate systems without integration and consistent data fields, resulting in business challenges regarding patient care and safety. Nuvolo assisted the client to create a single source of data for clinical asset management. As a result, the client gained automated work order generation and true cost visibility for every asset.

The company has built a substantial patent portfolio to sustain its innovative forefront on the ServiceNow platform. “Sticking to our niche in EAM, we are expanding into Europe and Asia to help our business grow quickly,” says Rizvi. Moving ahead, Nuvolo has plans to develop globally applicable products for vertical asset, facilities service and material inventory management.

Nuvolo Technologies Corporation

York, NY

Asim Rizvi , CTO

A next generation enterprise cloud platform that addresses major capabilities gap that exists in today’s enterprise asset management marketplace.