NuWave Technologies: HPE NonStop Integration Made Easy

Gabrielle Guerrera, CEO

Middleware––the ‘software glue’ between applications and the operating system—has always been a prominent part of the constantly evolving enterprise applications ecosystem. As most middleware solutions stage a complex integration environment for applications, adopting the right technology often turns out to be a challenging task. Headquartered in Nashua, NH, NuWave Technologies understands this limitation and delivers a wide array of innovative middleware solutions for enterprises.

Founded in 1999, NuWave initially started off as a consulting group that rendered comprehensive IT services to myriad enterprises and government organizations. But, not long after its inception, the company envisioned the scope of middleware, and collaborated with HP.

Today, NuWave primarily focuses on supporting the enterprises trying to integrate their complex HPE NonStop applications with other platforms and web services. Moreover, NuWave’s exceptional range of products identifies and resolves the underlying challenges involved in integrating applications in the HPE NonStop space. “My main goals are to focus the company on HPE NonStop and launch innovative, intuitive products quickly. In the past, we have tried to do too many things, and now as a growing company, it is critical that we hone in on what we are best at to start being the first to market,” highlights Gabrielle Guerrera, CEO, NuWave.

SOAPam Server and SOAPam Client––NuWave’s flagship products–– were launched in the early 2000s to make the integration of HPE NonStop with other platforms easier. While the server variant portrays the customer’s Guardian OS or the Pathway platform as industry-standard web services, the Client variant enables HPE NonStop applications to access web services on diverse platforms. These solutions have effectively made a positive impact on enterprises in the HPE NonStop arena.

My main goals are to focus the company on HPE NonStop and launch innovative, intuitive products quickly

The company’s latest solution––LightWave Server—uses JSON messages to send HPE NonStop data to any modern application or platform. It also leverages the existing HPE NonStop applications, and injects agility in operations with respect to the enterprise’s frequently changing demands. Furthermore, in a bid to make their existing products best-in-class, NuWave stays updated about the current practices and the latest products in the marketplace.

Apart from offering various HPE NonStop solutions, NuWave also extends continued support for enterprises through consulting services. These services assist enterprises in the process of designing solutions using their own resources, saving operational costs and time. One such service is application migration, which provides enterprises the opportunity to migrate to HPE NonStop or any other platform without disrupting the flow of business-critical operations. Recognizing that most HPE NonStop applications often need development and modification, NuWave, along with their highly skilled workforce, delivers the much needed development edge. The entire development scenario begins with a complete understanding of the customer’s requirements, progressing forward with a functional prototype to develop the solution.

Over the years, with an aim to explore the vastness of the HPE NonStop landscape, NuWave has partnered with several other companies sharing similar interests and objectives. Talking about the company’s roadmap, Gabrielle says, “We have exceptional talent, great products, and excellent relationships with all of our NonStop customers, so we are going to leverage those assets as we move forward.”

NuWave Technologies

Nashua, NH

Gabrielle Guerrera, CEO

NuWave Technologies delivers innovative middleware solutions for enterprises dealing with HPE NonStop Servers