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Luther M. Brown, CEO
Information is power; it is a universally accepted truth, particularly in the global supply chain arena. Nevertheless, today’s commercial supply chains are complex, fraught with disparate systems and copious amounts of data. According to nVision Global’s Founder and CEO, Luther M. Brown, “It is not about how much data is accumulated; it is about what a business does with it to build a profit-driven supply chain.” His thoughts reverberate in numerous reports, such as one of IDC’s which predicts that by 2020, organizations that employ big data analytics to gain actionable intelligence will achieve an extra $430 billion in productivity benefits over their less analytically-oriented peers. So what does this mean for the supply chain industry? One word—visibility.

Gaining real-time visibility into global supply chain activity and having actionable data for making smarter business decisions is now a top priority. nVision Global is built around this idea.It specializes in automating supply chain operations and provides leading analytical tools to drive efficiency, cost savings, and visibility into supply chains.

“Our goal is to understand and analyze our customers’ data and provide them with a ‘single source of truth’ that can deliver real-time actionable insights for enhanced decision-making,” asserts Brown. “We make it an exact science of enabling businesses to move toward a connected, smart, and highly efficient supply chain ecosystem, by replacing legacy systems with a true cloud-based platform and advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) services.”

Efficient, Agile, and Customer-focused Supply Chain

nVision Global has evolved from a regional freight payment company to one of the industry-leading global freight invoice audits & payment, TMS solutions, loss and damage claims, service failure claims, contract, procurement, and logistics ma n a g eme n t software, and managed services providers. The firm’s prowess lies not only in its best-in-class freight payment solution but also in its industry-leading information management services, which is crucial for clients to maximize efficiencies within their supply chains. “We provide a unique suite of configurable solutions that allow supply chain and logistics managers to have the control and real-time visibility they require to achieve a coherent and fully transparent supply chain network,” says Brown. Enhanced supply chain visibility and reliability also provides huge advantages in customer service, flexibility, efficiency, and reduction in overall supply chain costs.

nVision Global takes pride in its ability to present all the required information in a unified way so that customers can have a single view of global freight activity, with all the metrics normalized across geographies. A major factor contributing to its uniqueness is its centralized approach to managing supply chain IT and orchestrating freight operations like processing and paying invoices on a global scale.

At this juncture, Brown recalls an instance where he had a customer who wanted an effective solution to keep track of the exact numbers of containers shipped from a particular location. Having over a decade of expertise in the industry, nVision Global extended a solution that exceeded the customer’s expectations. Not only the number of containers shipped, but nVision Global made it possible for the customer to know granular details such as the size of each container, their global rates, contracts, and approval activities, resulting in significant profitability.

True Real-time Supply Chain Visibility

From freight audit and payment to business intelligence, nVision Global’s acumen in transforming the logistics network has expanded to new horizons over time.
The firm’s iProcurement tool is a piece of technology that provides managed service for its customers to help automate their tendering process. “Our technology also allows clients to perform beyond automating tendering process, enabling them to work online with their global providers and make recommendations of the best providers with low-cost proposals,” says Brown.

The iProcurement tool can handle individual shipments and provide real-time visibility for inbound and outbound transport activity, bills of lading, and purchase orders. Apart from automated tendering, nVision Global also emphasizes on least cost routing that enable stakeholders to choose the most cost-efficient routing for the shipment activity. The firm has a dedicated partner ecosystem with different transportation providers, which allows users to tender shipments to the chosen transportation provider and gain integrated visibility into the shipment’s end-to-end movements. Customers can even perform real-time auction transactions and controlled spot bids on those transactions to see what rate the providers would offer, allowing them to save significantly.

Predictive Intelligence for Supply Chains

“We also help in optimizing and streamlining global supply chain activities by leveraging our operational business intelligence,” says Brown. With the firm’s operational business intelligence, customers can unlock true value from their supply chain data and perform data analytics for making better business decisions with actual cost savings.

“We are a trusted partner in the industry for over 25 years; and what we currently see is, our customers are trying to tie together all their disparate systems across all regions under a single source global platform.” nVision Global has designed a single source database to process multiple currencies and units of measure—whether it is weight or distance. “It is a single source database, where we are not processing transactions, but we are gathering information to allow the customer to have access to maximum data,” adds Brown.

In essence, the firm is committed to understanding the value of normalizing data and exceeding its customers’ expectations by providing secure and efficient electronic means to receive and transfer data worldwide. In addition, the firm is diligent about the myriad compliance regulations governing the transportation and logistics space. The firm’s systems allow complete tracking of all of the relevant documents so that users can monitor the compliance on the routing of orders. The firm also does purchase order compliance through efficient order management, eliminating early shipping and cancellation of purchase orders.

Forging ahead, the firm plans to redefine its order management portal, rate engine, business intelligence, and procurement model to help customers garner more cost benefits. nVision Global is also working on integrating more features into its transportation management software. “Technology filliping this industry is constantly evolving. Our job as business owners is to embrace it and continually monitor the customer trends and emotions to help spark innovative solutions in the supply chain space,” concludes Brown.

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Luther M. Brown, CEO

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