NW Imaging Analysts: Streamlining the Total Cost of Printing

Dan Tracy, Principal
In today’s high-volume print environment, which involves a significant spend for most organizations, the emphasis is invariably to identify cost-saving opportunities while endowing the best print environment for end users. Organizations must select the right medium and vendor who can facilitate comprehensive and cost-effective print management services. Ever since its inception in 2010, NW Imaging Analysts’ vendor and product-agnostic print management solutions are uniquely tailored to enhance the performance of organizations. Backed by an expert team of cost-recovery consultants, NW Imaging Analysts offers custom print management solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers, alongside unparalleled service and substantial cost savings.

NW Imaging Analysts’ unique approach in the managed print services landscape begins by identifying the total cost of printing of the customer. Combining decades of experience with the industry’s latest software and best deployment tools, the consultants at NW Imaging Analysts develop detailed, comprehensive reporting of the customer’s document output. Thereafter, the firm develops and implements strategies based on analysis of the client organization’s current print workflow and needs. The expert team at NW Imaging Analysts will uncover areas where the customer can fine-tune their processes boosting productivity and reducing expense.

Leveraging their strong partnership with PaperCut, an innovative print management solution provider, NW Imaging Analysts provides customers an easy to use and integrated cost allocation and cost tracking software. This integrated approach seamlessly streamlines printing across the organization. In addition, the firm works with various software providers to monitor paper documents as well as intelligent electronic workflow throughout the workplace. The solutions from NW Imaging Analysts are not just limited to software licenses but extend a full set of customized plans and support through the entire process from concept design, through installation and ongoing support. “We assist our customers with all their printing requirements as well as document retention and routing, under one umbrella using one unified strategy,” explains Dan Tracy, Principal, NW Imaging Analysts.

We assist our customers with all their printing requirements as well as document retention and routing, under one umbrella using one unified strategy

This unique approach allowed the firm to grow revenue over 300 percent per year since FY 2014, making NW Imaging Analysts the fastest growing company in the industry serving the Pacific Northwest region, as well as being awarded Oregon and SW Washington’s ‘12th Fastest Growing Company’ by the Portland Business Journal for FY 2016.

One among their most impressive customer success stories is that of a large private school where the firm streamlined their network print devices. The school was incurring huge expenses with numerous unmanaged network print devices, aging copiers on lease and no system for tracking or monitoring usage. Moreover, the school struggled with its multi-function printers (MFP) as well as their initiative internally to open-up print devices to BYOD environment for students and faculty. NW Imaging Analysts reviewed the school’s requirements and designed a customized solution to standardize their network printing, and multifunction copier devices, securely integrate with student and faculty BYOD devices, as well as effectively track and monitor usage trends by department. The solution allowed the school to seamlessly streamline their print and copy needs, while reducing monthly document imaging costs over 35 percent.

Since their inception, NW Imaging Analysts has built a sterling reputation through the customers they serve and the unique solutions they provide by leveraging their industry experience and expertise. NW Imaging Analysts has evolved as a leading technology consultant providing cost-effective services that help clients to create, execute, and manage solutions for their workplace. With its vendor agnostic approach, the firm looks forward to expanding their award-winning services to continue rapid marketplace growth in the coming years.

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Dan Tracy, Principal

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