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Chia-Lin Simmons, CEO
Everyday in the U.S., 10,000 people turn 65 and the number of older Americans will more than double over the next few decades. By 2050, seniors will represent over 23% of the U.S. population. This aging population is more vulnerable to injury and it’s estimated that one out of four adults over 65 experiences a fall. With an aging population, where 90% of adults surveyed are planning to age in place, it’s critical that our loved ones can get help when they need it while they strive to maintain their independence.

Using technology to monitor falls is one very important solution. Personal emergency response systems (PERS) can quickly connect individuals in distress with loved ones and/ or caregivers.

There are, however, some challenges with many of the devices currently on the market, including:

Improper fall detection: Many PERS give out false positives to falls because the devices cannot capture data well enough to provide an accurate read if a fall has actually happened.

Interruptions from emergency services from false positives on falls are problematic, encouraging the perspective that these machines (a type of “Big Brother” device) are always monitoring them. Additionally, seniors can feel a lack of independence and embarrassment when a false positive monitoring call occurs, which can be loud and intrusive in certain settings.

These issues often lead to seniors shying away from using PERS products.

Newly-released PERS devices pose challenges as well:

Complicated user interfaces: Many newer PERS devices have highly-sophisticated controls built for a younger demographic, and elderly users have a difficult time making the most of them.

Expensive subscription pricing: Many of the latest PERS solutions are priced out of reach to the millions of elderly living on fixed incomes.

Kentucky-based NXT-ID addresses these challenges with its portfolio of non-monitored PERS and soon to be launched AI/ML - powered fall detection and monitored PERS devices and services. Their technology is both simple and cost-effective, accurately assessing the personal needs of its users and connecting them to caregivers and healthcare professionals.

NXT-ID is a GSA-approved organization, and for the last decade, is a trusted partner to the U.S. Veteran Affairs administration. Its PERS solutions suite offers both monthly fee-based and no monthly feebased options.

Leading the NXT-ID C-suite is CEO Chia-Lin Simmons who brings more than 26 years of experience to the role.
She has served as an executive for large technology companies including Google and Amazon, and has a background in mobility, digital marketing, and experience in investments, corporate finance, law, and strategic planning.

“Unlike traditional PERS offerings, our NXT-ID solutions will be powered by state-of-the-art AI, ML, and IoT capabilities that get smarter over time, and minimize false positives to deliver an unobtrusive and effective experience,” says Simmons.

“Our up-and-coming CPaaS [Caring Platform as a Service] solution will enable caretakers and healthcare providers to gain a deeper understanding of users’ day-to-day activities. This improves decision-making with respect to developing a lower risk and healthier lifestyle,” added Simmons. Powered by intuitive AI/ML algorithms, CPaaS technology can analyze and generate a care and communications strategy based on a user’s unique needs. This will improve a caretaker’s ability to deliver impactful care and intervention, while anticipating issues and developing accurate fall recognition.

NXT-ID is led by a team of seasoned professionals from a range of industry sectors, and its C-suite executives hold experience developing pioneering technology and a variety of innovative applications. With its ability to move quickly and offer creative solutions, the company today acts like a Series A startup while boasting the expertise and technology capabilities on par with tech behemoths.

Unlike traditional PERS offerings, our solutions are powered by state-of-the-art AI, ML, and IoT capabilities that get smarter over time, and minimize false positives to deliver an unobtrusive and effective experience

“NXT-ID strikes the perfect balance between large corporations which can be riddled with red-tape and internal bureaucracy, and smaller companies that have the agility but lack the technical prowess,” states Simmons. “What truly sets NXT-ID apart in the PERS space is our team’s ability to apply innovative technology in a sector not known for developing and applying emerging technology. For example, our team has the experience of applying connectivity and ML into industries ripe for innovation like self-driving cars when this was very early and not well-understood.”

Going forward, NXT-ID is looking to expand the AI/ ML and IoT functionalities of its PERS portfolio to provide monitoring for a variety of family members, as well as rapid emergency response for adults. “We are focused on developing the most advanced technologies to transform the way we engage with and care for our loved ones,” said Simmons.


Louisville, KY

Chia-Lin Simmons, CEO

Provides health and safety solutions for a wide range of users, from the aging population to singles living alone.