Nymity: Innovative Solutions to Demonstrate Data Privacy Compliance

Terry McQuay, President & Founder
Of late, ensuing transparency and compliance with regulations has become an effective way for businesses to convey their ethical and social commitment. Yet, a daunting challenge on this road is the increasing number of privacy laws and the volume of law changes in the U.S. Understanding regulators’ expectations to deal with more than privacy laws and management, Nymity provides a suite of solutions that help organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate data privacy compliance. “To be compliant, customers need to not only understand the laws and regulations, they need to understand how courts interpret the laws,” says Terry McQuay, President and Founder, Nymity.

“At the core, we are a research company and we have built our solutions based on years of research in accountability and compliance in order to assist privacy offices around the world in building privacy management programs,” remarks McQuay. With a mandate to support the privacy laws, Nymity demonstrates accountability in compliance and privacy laws with its privacy management solutions.

McQuay distinguishes the company’s solutions into two groups—research and management. LawTables, a research tool, lets customers build tables within specific laws in a particular jurisdiction. “Our tool generates rule tables, maps, and lists based on the legal requirements for over 550 privacy laws and regulation,” delineates McQuay. LawTables is used to create tables for individual law descriptions and find the appropriate rules depending on the scenarios. It also enables customers to locate case law and regulatory actions related to those specific provisions of law, covering both sides of the compliance equation.

In the management division, Nymity’s Benchmarks tool helps customers understand privacy management and provides a report comparing their performance with other organizations. “The comparison is based on the processes and activities of privacy programs spread around the world,” defines McQuay. Templates, another management solution from Nymity, provides customers with 700 downloadable resources to expand the privacy management program, while saving the implementation and maintenance time.
Additionally, Attestor, the company’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution, is a central management and accountability tool that provides privacy management across a customer’s business. “With various unique features, Attestor demonstrates compliance to law and accountability in an organization,” says McQuay. With this tool, customers can collect documentation of privacy management capability and also map the documentation with respect to law rules, same as the LawTables. “Attestor automatically maps the documents to the right rules of law, enabling our customers to demonstrate compliance,” he adds. In an instance, one of Nymity’s clients with a mature privacy program had issues in accessing the privacy laws. In order to eliminate the challenges, the client implemented Attestor and Benchmark solutions to communicate with multiple regulators and demonstrate their accountability and compliant process using existing documents.

One area of Nymity’s research that I’m particularly proud of and is of value to experts in risk, security, audit, IT, and privacy is our comprehensive privacy framework called the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™

Besides its suite of solutions, Nymity provides a free, comprehensive Privacy Management Accountability Framework that has over 152 privacy management activities. “We provide the framework as a menu rather than a checklist,” states McQuay. The framework is a result of the company’s internal research based on 13 privacy management processes. Forging ahead, “We will continue to support privacy compliance and maintain our dedication in this space,” concludes McQuay.


Toronto, Canada

Terry McQuay, President & Founder

Provides a suite of solutions that helps organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate data privacy compliance