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Charles Windsor, CEO
Charles Windsor, CEO of Oakwood Systems believes that legacy technology and ‘costs to implement’ have long been barriers to many innovations. With the advanced IoT technologies, many of the long standing ideas are now becoming realities. Customers are ready to enable solutions that help them interact with clients at the point of decision making, to understanding employee behaviors and improving communication with partners - all through the business devices they use on a daily basis. “Connecting the ‘things we use’ with ‘systems that enhance what we do’ requires a broad set of skills. Our deep technical base in Software Development, Data Management, Big Data, Cloud, and Business Intelligence makes us an ideal IoT delivery team,” says Charles Windsor.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Oakwood is a strategic business and technology consultant that brings a breadth of multi-disciplined skills across various technologies and Cloud platforms. Being subtle in solving complex business and technical challenges, the company goes beyond satisfying client’s business objectives to increasing market share, internal efficiencies and improving relationships, communications, and processes with customer, employees, and suppliers. The company helps customers look at the things they have, the data these things generate, and the processes they impact. “At these three convergent points, we can find insights that drive innovation. Having helped customers in this space, we are well equipped to help the technology and business team work together,” explain Windsor.

For instance, Oakwood recently worked with a manufacturer on grocery store display cases that are seen in retail stores around the world. The cases are vital in the decision making process for the stores. Oakwood used the Version 1 of their Smart Case (Splash) app and helped retailers drive consumer decisions through the subtle use of lighting, animation, and product placement.This technology was powered by IoT and cloud connected, embedded device solutions. “We also helped the client improve their ability to proactively deliver maintenance and retail services to their customers,” Windsor adds.
Oakwood has also worked with a retail product display company building modern applications that transcend web, mobile, and data insights. This IoT solution has allowed customer to triple their business and efficiently deliver their core services in the field.

We provide ‘Big 5’ services with more personal attention to people, detail and service, utilizing technology as an enabler for truly transformational business outcomes

“Our breadth of services has always been a differentiator for us, but it is the depth of knowledge in each of our practice areas that allows us to speak to the entire lifecycle of a project and each aspect of the technology,” reveals Windsor. The company handles every layer in the technical stack—from device to development to the business stratum. It is the 360 degree view of the technology that allows them to do what others can’t. “We provide ‘Big 5’ services with more personal attention to detail and service. We believe in getting our hands dirty; becoming a critical part of the large and small activities in an organization, where we offer the practical and the unchartered thoughts to help customers achieve maximum value from technology and it completely differentiates us in the market,” adds Windsor.
“In the next three years, our biggest challenge will be maintaining our current pace of IoT growth and finding enough great talent to lead us to success on projects that no one else is doing,” concludes Windsor.

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Charles Windsor, CEO

A company that brings a breadth of multi-disciplined skills across emerging technologies including various Cloud platforms, SAP, Java, and the entire Microsoft stack.