Oasis Technology: Protecting Internet Access, Firewall, and Network against Threats

George Baldonado, President & CEO
Information technology is facing the big bang situation with big data, the cloud, BYOD, UNIX, cyber security, virtual systems, and multi-platform integration expanding exponentially—posing a big challenge for CIOs. With the increasing influence of the IOT, BYOD, and flash drives comes spear phishing, DDOS attacks, crypto locker viruses, web page spoofing, other virus intrusion, and social engineering attacks. All of these areas require specialists. “CIOs would be well served to contract with specialists in these areas, rather than trying to fullfill all aspects. Specialized contractors can provide services and pass along the knowledge to CIOs and staff so their costs can be diminished. Oasis Technology offers our unique solution – TITAN – to reduce the headache of CIOs’,” says George Baldonado, President and CEO, Oasis Technology.

After Oasis was hacked and they could not find an off the shelf solution, they developed their own proprietary system called TITAN IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).

The patent and announcement of TITAN has catapulted Oasis to the center of the cyber security arena. “Our TITAN product stops intrusions right at the door. In fact, auditors are now asking TITAN users to white list them so that they can do their audit.

The TITAN R&D has propelled Oasis Technology into the largely developing field of cyber security. We have begun a project of cyber security awareness by offering free Network Vulnerability and Security Analysis,” explains Baldonado. The company runs the analysis against the outward facing IP addresses of any organization who legitimately requests it,producing a written report that details the vulnerabilities that a network has.

The company’s relationship with Microsoft has allowed them to download and test new software before it is officially released, allowing Oasis to analyze the software and utilize the same software technology in future projects. “Our relationship with Microsoft allows us to provide input into what we have found with Microsoft products, thereby allowing Microsoft to address these issues before the product is released,” adds Baldonado.
Oasis provides integration of Linux and Microsoft Environments with the tools released by both, providing the experience of a single sign-on and an integrated experience.

Recently, Oasis developed a nationwide web-based system to allow a major telecom company to track customer complaints in real time. Using Microsoft’s ASP and Microsoft SQL, Oasis implemented a system that is still running to this day and allows customer service reps to modify and update customer complaints anywhere in the United States. Other entities have tried but could not do so without resorting to “batch processing”, which was unacceptable to the client.

The relationship with Microsoft allows us to provide input into what threats we have found, helping them rectify the same

Since 1979, Oasis’ clients have benefited from the company’s in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience that comes from having 60 technology experts on staff. Their clients talk to knowledgeable help desk and support technicians who combine clear communication and interpersonal skills with top notch IT talent. Oasis’ other specialties include Virtual Servers, Managed Service Provider (MSP) services, Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Remote Backup Services, Network Implementation, Network and Telephone Cabling, Telecom, and Cloud Architecture.

“Our next big step is national marketing of the new Titan IPS. The product has already been trademarked, vetted, and field-tested. Millions of intrusion attempts have proven to be ineffective in penetrating this device,” says Baldonado. In fact, many other big name firewall devices cannot provide the protection that Titan provides. “Some security auditors now request that our customers turn Titan “OFF” in order for them to do their security tests. This is the impact of TITAN that is protecting our client’s organizational realm,” concludes Baldonado.

Oasis Technology

Camarillo, CA

George Baldonado, President & CEO

Providing cyber security field with the expertise of TITAN IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).