Obase: Smart Automation Leveraging Data Analytics

Bülent Dal, Co-Founder & CEO
As disruptive technologies continue to impact the retail industry, it is critical to optimize the main cost elements through innovative solutions that enhance store productivity. Each micro process in the retail supply chain requires maintenance and optimization. There are also an increasing number of problems that need to be addressed through data analytics. Conventional enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that lack industry-specific corporate features remain superficial in meeting the needs of the retail space. A pioneer in digital and scientific retailing, and a leading software and consulting company, Obase delivers a wide range of retail solutions, ranging from basic automation to industry altering solutions that fulfill dynamic business needs. “We focus on applying real-time decisions driven by data analytics to elevate productivity in the retail industry,” remarks Bülent Dal, co-founder and CEO, Obase.

With increasing competition and decreasing profit margins, the retail industry seeks innovative solutions that increase store productivity. Everyone from C-level to store associates make hundreds of decisions daily, which affect revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Decision makers are keen on transforming data from operational processes into valuable information. “We incorporate both retail knowledge and the necessary key performance indicators which retailers can leverage for smarter decisions,” states Dal. Obase’s business analytics platform transforms data into reliable information in real time for tactical and long-term strategic decision-making. The data-driven platform helps improve service and sales processes while reducing costs. Additionally, Obase’s solutions feature advanced forecasting mechanisms using machine learning and analytics, for services involving operational processes, merchandising, product management, and customer services.

Depending on the micro process of a retail supply chain, Obase provides scalable modules specific to clients’ needs. These include enterprise retail management systems that meet basic retail-specific requirements; store back office management, which improves the productivity of store operations; warehouse management designed for retail; ERP and CRM processes, and point of sale management that enhances efficiency in the front office.

We focus on applying real-time decisions driven by data analytics

“Our aim is to provide solutions in the shortest time and with lowest cost of ownership that have the highest impact on business processes,” says Dal. The company’s delivery approach begins with a pilot project, which then expands throughout the supply chain. Obase helped a grocery retailer having problems with inventory optimization implement its “DTLR Analytics-driven Inventory Management” solution in 4,800 stores. DTLR minimizes disruptions, increases operational efficiency, and manages stocks at the optimum level. The award-winning solution was developed to produce variable demand forecasting and inventory control based on customer preferences.

With a focus on providing solutions that integrate both analytics and automation, Obase is developing smart automation systems for operational processes and back office functions embedded with analytics capabilities. The company is developing next-generation solutions that leverage technologies like motion sensors, weight sensors, and visual recognition to track inventory availability in real time. Obase also has plans to integrate the internet of things and other sensory hardware to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience.

Through its dedication to analytics for 20 years, Obase has grown from implementing predictive analytics for determining future outcomes and prescriptive analytics for deciding possible actions, to a stage where systems can make automatic decisions using cognitive analytics for establishing best business practices. Obase’s focus on its core competencies, along with its strong research and development team of highly qualified individuals has enabled the company to remain as one of the leading providers of retail solutions for data-driven management processes.


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Bülent Dal, Co-Founder & CEO

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