Obero: Bridging the Gap Between the Offices of Sales and Finance

Leon Kharkhourin, COO
In today’s business environment, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to leverage technology to help manage and streamline their sales and financial management processes. The industry is filled with a myriad of legacy solutions that enterprises continue to implement in an attempt to automate their business processes; however these legacy solutions were not designed to support the complexity of the modern-day business. The implications of this range from a lack of visibility into the ongoing performance of the sales organization leads to inability to assess the relationship of sound incentive compensation plans on quota achievement. Without these critical insights, organizations are being burdened with unproductive shadow accounting, overpaying variable commissions, and other operational inefficiencies. To make matters worse, as competition becomes fiercer, the ability to perform sales planning and profitability analytics is paramount to the success of an organization. However, Ontario, Canada headquartered Obero has developed a solution to help an organization of any size integrate their end to end sales and financial management processes; allowing an organization to not only manage their business processes, but also optimize them.

Obero is a leader in the Performance Management market. “We help organizations optimize performance by bridging the gap between the offices of sales and finance,” highlights Leon Kharkhourin, COO at Obero. The company has introduced a unique solution, Obero SPM, which empowers an organization to drive both revenue and profitability by bringing together sales planning with incentive compensation management and profitability analytics. Obero’s mission is to help businesses optimize their operations and to execute at the maximum level of efficiency.

Obero SPM was designed to be deployed quickly, while yielding long-term benefits. “The software is all about configuration versus customization,” says Leon. “There is no need to learn complex programming skills to deploy it.”
As collaboration is a critical component of sales performance management, Obero SPM comes equipped with robust process management capabilities to promote communication and the sharing of information while formulating plans, reviewing performance, and disseminating results. The product was designed for the cloud and to be mobile-ready. “To be successful in business today you need to be able to make quick and informed decisions, no matter where you are; and we made that need foundational to the way our platform operates,” explains Leon.

The benefits Obero SPM provides area direct result of the feedback Obero has garnered from its customers over the years. The company believes that truly partnering with its customers is the best approach to providing top-quality solutions to the market. Another area that contributes to the differentiation of Obero SPM is pre-built applications. “We offer deployable apps that combine technical and functional best practices, to allow our customers to be up and running in a fraction of the time it would take leveraging a conventional implementation methodology,” explains Leon. These differentiators are fueling the success of Obero that has made them one of the most referenceable solutions providers in the industry.

Obero SPM is a true bridge between the ‘Office of Sales’ and the ‘Office of Finance

Going forward, Obero is working on incorporating additional predictive analytics and talent management functionality into the Obero SPM product. “We want to continue to provide our customers with applications to better manage their businesses, which will allow them to drive additional ROI over the long term,” concludes Leon.


Ontario, Canada

Leon Kharkhourin, COO

Obero SPM is Sales Performance Management software platform that combines Sales Planning and Sales Execution in a holistic approach to sales management.