Objective Corporation: Empowering the Public Sector through Connecting Government

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Objective Corporation supports a truly innovative, effective, and efficient “Connected Government” through the provision of content, collaboration and process management solutions. “Our vision is to connect government, by enabling processes and information to transcend organizational boundaries and also connect with private organizations and citizens,” adds Walls.

Objective Corporation’s content, collaboration and process management solutions include, Objective Connect, Objective Enterprise Content Creation (ECC) and Objective Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Objective Connect is a hybrid platform enabling easy and secure information sharing between government departments, agencies, private enterprise, and citizens. It enables organizations to easily and securely share information directly from their onpremise information management system with internal and external stakeholders, while maintaining the auditability and traceability required by security conscious organizations.

Objective ECC is cloud based collaborative authoring, approval and publishing platform. It allows multiple authors to plan, author and collaborate on complex documents. Then manages the review and signoff processes. When complete, the document can be published with the click of a button through predefined templates for print,web or mobile devices.

Our vision is to connect government, by enabling processes and information to transcend organizational boundaries and also connect with private organizations and citizens

Objective ECM has been engineered to meet the security, integrity, and performance requirements of large Public Sector agencies, be they intelligence and military, service delivery, or policy agency implementations. Objective ECM allows an organization to gain control of their unstructured information and automate their business processes. Objective Corporation differentiates itself with their core focus on meeting the requirements of the public sector and regulated industries. The company delivers and supports many of its solutions directly. “Objective is focused on delivering measurable outcomes for our customers and continuing to support our customers over the long term,” says Walls.
Tony Walls, Chairman & CEO
While the majority of Objective’s customers use cloud and hybrid cloud based solutions, Objectives ECM customers are largely on premise, due to sensitivities over security, data sovereignty, integration and customer control over change management. Objective’s customers span all levels of government; federal government organizations such as the Australian Department of Defense, Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Government and the New Zealand Department of Social Development; state government organizations include the Departments of Transport New South Wales and Western Australia (WA) and local government organizations include the City of Plano, Hobsons Bay City Council and Bedford Borough Council.

The Australian Department of Defense has undergone a significant transformation in the way it handles its data, embracing information management as a strategic defense capability and initiating a substantial change in culture around the way information is managed. Shifting the boundaries towards a model of an open, transparent, and modern federal government organization, Defense has revolutionized its approach to information management, ensuring the security and integrity of highly sensitive information and enabling information to be readily located.

The Department of Defense manages large volumes of highly sensitive information. Decision making can have serious consequences that impact staff, citizens, and the safety of the nation. Objective provides 70,000 staff with access to the right information at the right time, the ability to make informed decisions that take into account all of the relevant information enabling focus on the best outcomes.

Defense has also seen significant efficiency improvements by automating their business processes. An example of this is an 88 percent reduction in the time it takes to complete complex Freedom of Information requests. This was achieved with a doubling of the number of requests over the same period.

Going forward, Objective will continue to invest at double the industry average in research and development and drive new offerings into the market. The company also intends to expand its delivery and sales channels in international markets.

Objective Corporation

Sydney, NSW

Tony Walls, Chairman & CEO

A provider of content, collaboration, and process management solutions for the public sector and regulated industries