Occam Group: Securing Business with a Winning Strategy

Ken Barnhart, CEO
"The challenges CIO’s face in Cyber Security are not technological in nature,” begins Ken Barnhart, CEO, Occam Group. “CIOs and CISOs are confronted daily with the grim reality their IT function operates in a declared battle space.” Presently, seven major states have openly declared Cyber Warfare capabilities, and the security community is actively tracking well over 100 advanced persistent threats annually. However, the greatest challenge for a CIO/ CISO is they have already built a risk management strategy based on perimeter defense. “As evidenced by the sheer number and scope of high profile breaches in the last 24 months, the era of perimeter defense to protect an organization is over,” states Barnhart.

Occam Group works closely with major tool providers in the security community to build a comprehensive set of capabilities which enable a “Defense-in-Depth” approach to both security and governance. Starting with a thorough evaluation of current state architecture, Occam Group builds a case which accurately assesses risk, identifies gaps and targets while providing opportunities to strengthen, and extends monitoring capabilities. The company then delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions and services from intrusion detection and protection systems to counter threat platforms and end-point security. With more than a decade building integrated cloud solutions, Occam Group takes a smart and safe approach to transition client’s security from mere compliance to vigilant continuous monitoring–putting the organization in an ultimate position to protect their mission critical data by taking the fight to the criminal actors.

“When was the last time a firewall vendor asked to talk with your VP of Business Development?” says Barnhart. “The key to a “Smart & Safe” approach begins with architecture centered on business strategy, and Occam starts with the Senior Leadership team. For example, a conversation with an organization’s Sales Manager, to determine what markets and verticals he or she plans to enter, has substantial ramifications for compliance and will inevitably impact the Cyber Security approach of the firm.” In addition, Occam Group provides expert cyber security baselining which allows customers to easily identify new security changes to the hardware and software against previous baselines.
An “assumed breach” philosophy enables their clients to narrow down the customer threat surface and minimize the damage when a security breach does occur. “It is no longer a question of if your organization will be breached, but whenit will happen and how to minimize the damage,” says Barnhart.

Occam Group creates sustainable, competitive advantage by offering the services of a compliance/ governance firm, a CyberSecurity consultant, and a Cloud Management firm under one roof. With Occam Group, organizations get all of these capabilities from one managed services partner with an integrated multi-disciplinary “Smart & Safe” package. The company is centered on the development, deployment, and operational patterns to fully integrate security best practices, operational baselining, performance tuning, and cost control through the use of Microsoft System Center and other Azure-optimized tools.

We enable customers to drive business strategy using technology as a force multiplier to create sustainable, competitive advantage

Occam’s elite team is fiercely competitive and driven to guide businesses to high-value wins in cyber security and bring about ROI. Occam works with its clients to clearly define success to correlate with their goals and business strategy with the use of technology as a weapon in an ever-changing, dangerous IT environment. This approach generates a unique sustainable, competitive advantage to bring clients to victory. “Anyone can move “up to the cloud” quickly, but Occam Group does it in an efficient manner, which fortifies security, compliance, performance, and cost control,” concludes Barnhart.

Occam Group

Edina, MN

Ken Barnhart, CEO

Occam Group drives business strategy using technology as a force multiplier to create sustainable, competitive advantage.