Oceanos: Refining Data through Web Intelligence Solutions

Brian P. Hession, President & Founder
With a background in various types of technology solutions and industries, Raghu Prabhu, CTO and Co-founder of Oceanos, brings a new idea of thinking to the design of data management strategies. “Today’s modern marketer is seeking a blend of technology and creativity to solve their business challenges. I draw inspiration from my past experience, as creative thinking and problem solving skills are the foundation of creating the best products,” claims Prabhu.

Headquartered in Marshfield, MA, Oceanos is a marketing technology company that designs data strategies to optimize sales and marketing performance. “Companies struggle to keep their contact databases accurate, leading to critical errors that have a negative impact on marketing and sales productivity, conversion rates and — ultimately — overall revenue”, states Prabhu. “We wrapped twelve years of ’in the trenches experience’ to develop a framework called the Data Optimization Cycle”.

The Data Optimization framework includes five core solutions—Data Cleanse and Append, Contact Gap Analysis, Business Intelligence, Contact Discovery, and Contact Valuation. The cycle is powered by a large network of data sources, proprietary web gathering technologies, partner integrations, and in-house talent that lives and breathes data. The result is the ability to intertwine data with web intelligence to identify, validate and score contacts, something that Oceanos says its clients require for more advanced segmentation and predictive analytics.

“We help our clients in¬crease the utility of the data they already have and then very strategically add targeted contact data and business intelligence”, states Prabhu. To illustrate, Juniper Networks turned to Oceanos seeking a solution to identify trigger-based opportunities. Oceanos subsequently developed a strategy to reach IT decision makers at organizations with network-focused technology projects in the pipeline.

We help our clients increase the utility of the data they already have and then very strategically add targeted contact data and business intelligence

To accomplish this, their re¬search team analyzed business intelligence from several sources to identify trigger events such as VC funding and new construction projects. With the accounts identified, four targeted contacts were selected from each account and scored to vet the best contact.

In another instance, a client that targets Managed Service Providers (MSPs) tasked Oceanos with expanding their prospect account base. Traditional methods such as industry codes (i.e. SIC/NAICS) provided limited success, and trade publications were only effective in identifying very large MSPs. So Oceanos crafted a five-step strategy that combined professional guidance with custom technology to identify and score accounts for client review. Targeted contact discovery was then initiated against the approved accounts.

“We built technology to spider walk the websites of over 150,000 selected companies looking for specific keywords and phrases”, says Prabhu. “Our technology identified, scored and ranked the companies for client review.”

Holding deep expertise in sales and marketing data, the well-skilled Oceanos team helps its clients drive demand generation and sales to transform their pipeline and close deals. The firm recently launched a Cloud Portal for its Cleanse and Append app. The portal integrates with Eloqua, Marketo and Excel providing solutions in real time.


Marshfield, MA

Brian P. Hession, President & Founder and Raghu Prabhu, CTO & Co-Founder

Designs data management strategies to optimize sales and marketing performance.