Oceus Networks: Provider of Cutting-Edge 4G LTE Technologies for Enhanced Communications

Doug Smith, CEO
Aerospace operations generally demand an enhanced structure of communication that seamlessly provides distinct services from traditional communications services. To meet this need, Oceus Networks, a defense communications solutions provider, assists defense agencies in meeting their mission critical goals by incorporating the latest technology trends and newest federal requirements into commercial 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. This enables situational awareness for all ground forces while enhancing capabilities across the communications spectrum.

Headquartered in Reston, VA, with engineering offices in Plano, TX, the company responds to the critical requirements of broadband and mobile wireless capabilities by providing high-speed voice, video and data communication solutions and delivering open, standards-based Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology and fixed network infrastructure. It further provides an extensive portfolio of public sector-focused solutions to simplify and accelerate the deployment of wireless broadband communication solutions.

Evolving from the Latin word ‘Ocius’, which means ‘Speed’, Oceus Networks abides by its name and leverages the best of wireless technologies to deliver improved communications. Doug Smith, CEO of Oceus Networks says, “We are about bringing the best of commercial technologies and often times modifying those technologies and adding security capabilities for government use.” Thus, whenever a network is deployed, the latest technology is available to the client.

Oceus Networks’ key products, Xiphos™, ONmission™, and ONsecure™ along with its customized mobile broadband solutions, provide deployable, private 4G LTE networks for critical mission operations. Xiphos, a portable 4G LTE tactical broadband solution, provides secure mobile broadband communications in areas with no connectivity—in austere environments—on the battlefield, in remote locations and in emergency-response situations where infrastructure is sparse
or damaged. Oceus Networks’ ONmission is an end-to-end Mobile Network Mission Management system that enables management of multiple Xiphos 4G LTE Tactical Wireless systems and mobile devices attached to the network, as well as provides RF coverage plotting and analysis. Their newest product, ONsecure, released this month, is a family of solutions with dual-layer security for 4G LTE data communications.

Oceus Networks has tech services that consist of cellular infrastructure and network infrastructure services for the U.S. government. “We are focused on delivering light weight dynamic deployable networks into the public safety community,” claims Smith. The firm offers Situational Awareness and Collaboration (SAC) solutions that provide governments with the ability to gather accurate asset information, collaborate, and share it in a timely manner to allow for effective decision making. Additionally, the company has a breadth of partnerships encompassing telecom to enterprise solutions. Oceus Networks is an exclusive provider of Ericsson communications technologies for certain segments of the U.S. federal government.

Oceus is providing solutions based on secure communications in a 4G LTE environment for the Army, Navy, and Special Forces. Their solutions have been integrated onto US Navy ships and helicopters, on Army vehicles and for dismounted soldiers, and on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and aerostats. “For the DoD, we embedded LTE networks to solve critical problems in order to provide important applications, on android devices, to our men and women in uniform that offer monitoring in real time of high-definition video and situational awareness,” says Smith.

As growth challenges are typical in high-tech industries, expanding in a market of this size is a great challenge for Oceus Networks, and the company is examining the options to get there quicker.

Oceus Networks

Reston, VA

Doug Smith, CEO

Provider of broadband services and solutions, including cuttingedge 2G, 3G and 4G LTE mobile technologies.