Odysseus Solutions: The Trojan Horse of Travel and Hospitality Industry

Monish Luthra, President & CEO
Being a passionate traveler, Monish Luthra was moved by the huge void in the travel and hospitality industry. “The most significant obstacle to the industry’s growth is the prolonged use of antiquated and inefficient distribution strategies compounded by underdeveloped technological solutions. In addition, the industry continues to sell and manage transactions via manual and labor intensive systems,” says Luthra. This immense scope for improvement combined with the convergence of two fundamental marketplace conditions—low customer penetration levels and the pervasive lethargy of manual systems—led him to forge the idea of Odysseus Solutions, a Miami, FL based travel technology solutions provider.

Odysseus Solutions specializes in providing user friendly web based travel distribution and reservation tools that allow consumers (travel agencies, agents and end users) to book and manage their travel requirements easily and quickly. The solutions offered by the firm can be used to create, review, modify and cancel bookings; offer real-time connectivity with suppliers to get spot availability and pricing; automate daily sales reports; and customize reminders for payments due and booking expiration.

The company offers a fully integrated B2B and B2C booking solution with an integrated database for customer management, and a dynamic link builder that gives users the ability to create deep links to targeted suppliers and products, to support marketing programs. With Odysseus’s tools clients can easily carryout consulting, project management and development services for System and Solution Analysis, Process Automation, GDS Integration, and Solution Design & Development. The firm’s ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best fare; provide customizable products that are designed to maintain client’s unique brand identity; and the distinctive knack that enables it to easily control a product’s selling price and availability display, are seen as some of the factors that sets Odysseus Solutions apart from the rest.

"The most significant obstacle to the industry's growth is the prologed useof antiquauated and inefficient distribution startegies"

Designed to meet the unique requirements of global marketplaces, Odysseus’s online travel solutions can handle multiple currencies and languages, and help clients quickly expand into new markets. The company has many stories tied to its success. “Once we added Hebrew as a language option for a client in Israel and they had a booking engine in Hebrew launched on their website within a matter of days. Another client launched our online cruise booking engine and had one of their customers book a $96K cruise the very first week! We even have experience collaborating with few clients to integrate our online booking engines with their customer loyalty platforms to allow consumers to purchase flights and cruises in exchange for their loyalty program points,” explained Luthra.

Going forward, Luthra sees a lot of traction in mobile technology. Odysseus Solutions plans to expand development of responsive solutions and play a key role in delivering the next generation of travel booking solutions that can be easily used on any platform or device. The recent launches such as Hotel booking engine is a step in this direction. “We plan to launch an ‘out-of-the-box’ dynamic packaging solution that is easily customizable and will greatly reduce the amount of time to process a transaction,” concludes Luthra.

Odysseus Solutions

Miami, FL

Monish Luthra, President & CEO

A travel technology solutions provider that specializes in providing user friendly web based travel distribution and reservation tools