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Anita Van Looveren, MD/Partner The rapid buildout of emerging technological developments and fast evolving global value chains point toward an important requisite for supply chain optimization—companies must keep their eyes and minds open to new processes and the skills required to adapt to them. With new technologies surfacing in the supply chain realm, organizations are constantly seeking enhanced visibility to reap the benefits of unprecedented granularity, timeliness, and efficiency in demand and supply awareness. Simultaneously, faster, richer, and novel analytical methods are changing the supply chain dynamic like never before.

However, with the quick transforming supply chain paradigm, complicated supply chain planning challenges are on the rise. Supply chain managers have to pick and choose from a never-ending list of options pertaining to customers, markets, products, warehouses, machines, plants, suppliers, and more to find the best fit for their needs. Guided by a mission to optimize its customer’s supply chain, Antwerp-based OM Partners has effectively put an end to this problem by helping organizations to “go for the optimum” with its premier supply chain planning software and consultation services. Committed to helping companies combat the current and future supply chain challenges.

OM Partners ensures that its solutions deliver enhanced visibility, reactivity, efficiency, reliability, and quality of supply chain management. As such, the company’s comprehensive supply chain planning software encompasses sales & operations planning (S&OP), product portfolio, master planning, manufacturing or production scheduling and supply scheduling, distribution planning, load planning, multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO), and demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP).

"With fast and intelligent solutions, OMP Plus enables aggregating and breaking down forecasts in an optimal way, fast tracking of exceptional sales values, and choosing the best-fit forecast strategies"

Creating Value across the Supply Chain Planning Spectrum

Adapted to most supply chain situations, OM Partners offers a novel supply chain planning software—OMP Plus. OMP Plus operates as one system of record, a one-stop solution for all planning functions, utilizing a common, in-memory integrated data model for scalable architecture and optimal performance. In essence, OMP Plus is an end-to-end planning and scheduling platform that facilitates instant collaboration among all participants in the supply chain. Encompassing all core functions, OMP Plus covers all areas of the supply chain beginning with the operational level consisting of detailed scheduling and sequencing embedded in the master planning. OMP Plus helps teams to collaborate in the S&OP process focusing on reconciling the aggregated demand and supply through a common workflow. Further, as an extension of S&OP, OMP Plus even optimizes Network Design or relocation studies.

The success of OM Partners can be accredited to their service, and not merely the software they provide

OMP Plus’ functions span different levels of Planning—Forecasting, Operational Planning, Network Design along with ATP/CTP Promising. The software also focuses on Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization, from which Safety Stocks can be utilized in S&OP or in operational planning. Besides, the Allocation function comprises forecast consumption or order allocation as well as material allocation, presenting the best match between demand and supply at multiple planning functions.

With regard to production scheduling functions, OMP Plus looks into multiple areas, all the way from subcontracting, purchasing, external tolling to distribution with DRP and deployment, demand, and manufacturing including contract manufacturing and multi-tier plants. OMP Plus efficiently handles scheduling problems that arise due to a wide variety of materials, resources, products, machines, warehouses, siloes, and more with smart solutions. These solutions are highly configurable and can provide flexible manipulation and short reaction times to align with sudden, unexpected changes at any point in the supply chain planning process. In addition, to ensure the optimal functioning of the supply chain, OMP Plus enables the seamless evaluation and sharing of information with other players in the supply chain.

OMP Plus solves a wide array of planning complexities including decisions at multiple levels of S&OP, Vendor-managed Inventory Planning (VMI), Master Planning, and more for varied planning environments with an optimum planning solution with extensive and flexible modeling capabilities. Moreover, the solutions allow for clear and flexible visualization of planning information and conflicts to progressively refine simulations and assess alternative scenarios. To realize their plans, OMP Plus equips clients with the ability to efficiently share data and provide feedback among different departments in the organization involved in the planning.

OMP Plus is designed to effectively deal with the multifarious S&OP planning issues that include decisions pertaining to inventory management, sourcing, capacity and resource allocation, manufacturing, and more. Besides, being an integrated supply chain planning solution, OMP Plus instantly links the strategic and operational levels, both gathering data for a new S&OP cycle. OMP Plus also helps manage strategic supply chain questions while designing supply chains pertaining to product lines, supply chain network infrastructure, the role of the network nodes, and more while tackling strategic issues as an optimum solution.

That’s not all. OMP Plus enhances forecast reliability in a collaborative manner which oftentimes is hindered because of the various interests and perspectives involved in the forecasting process; the solution combats this problem and ensures smooth information exchange in and outside an organization.
Efficiently managing demand complexity, OMP Plus rises up to critical forecasting challenges comprising rapidly altering market conditions, external changes in price and volumes, recalculation of safety stock levels, shortening of product lifecycles, and more. With fast and intelligent solutions, OMP Plus enables aggregating and breaking down forecasts in an optimal way, fast-tracking of exceptional sales values, and choosing the best-fit forecast strategies. OMP Plus assists clients in calculating the impact of special offers and dealing with irregular products and small volumes, focusing precisely on minute details as well as on totals. Leveraging its powerful calculation mechanisms, OMP Plus is able to generate reliable forecasts for large volumes of forecast products. For increased accuracy, OMP Plus provides transparent and comprehensive reporting to validate, fine-tune, evaluate, and check forecasts. Added to that, OMP Plus allocates orders to forecasts based on strict rules, business-specific requirements, and powerful logic.

OMP Plus also consists of solver modules that can be broadly categorized into generic and application-specific solvers. While the generic solvers implement planning intelligence to standard application functions, which can be applied to almost every industry, application-specific solvers mitigate particular problems in specific industries. Consisting of a set of highly powerful solver modules for cutting problems, OMP Cutting Optimizers are being increasingly used in the metals, paper, corrugated and solid board, and plastic industries.

On top of that, OMP Plus enables real-time integration with SAP leveraging SAP NameSpace along with connecting OMP Integrator with other ERP systems including Oracle, JDE, M3, and more. Feedback from the shop floor is incorporated seamlessly via OMP Feedback Manager linked to MES and SFC systems.

Driving Success with Commitment, Not Just Code

The success of OM Partners can be accredited to their service, and not merely the software they provide. While the company focuses on empowering clients with a cutting-edge solution that significantly improves their supply chain planning and design, what actually make it a cut above the others are their long-term client partnerships and solid planning concepts. The Advisory Services of the company help clients devise the to-be planning cycle and prepare a clear business case and benefits plan. On the other hand, OM Partners’ Consulting and Implementation Services assist clients in delivering a liver environment and creating the planning solutions. To top it all, OM Partners’ Planning and Coaching Services facilitates users with coaching, training, documentation, and testing support. To keep clients’ solutions up and running under all conditions, OM Partners offers support and maintenance along with delivering their solution both on-premise and in the cloud.

Bringing extensive experience in the field of supply chain and deep industry knowledge to the table, the highly skilled team at OM Partners lays emphasis on the intersection of their technology and clients’ business. With the aim to help clients shape their business, organization, and people, and IT, OM Partners plans to further enhance its best-in-class software and consulting services to deliver on their promise of being challenge-driven problem solvers and guide users to “go for the optimum” in all senses.

OM Partners

Wommelgem, Antwerp

Anita Van Looveren, MD/Partner

Offers a novel supply chain planning software—OMP Plus—as a one-stop solution for all planning functions