Omni Data, LLC: Distinctive Provider of Core to Edge Security Solutions

Frank Kondor, CTO
Flashy applications and fancy software products? Not these folks. Omni Data makes our top 20 list for a different reason. Forward looking network infrastructure design and facility security solutions. From SDN ready network backbones to IP based cameras and access control, Omni Data guides their clients to next generation ready status from the core to the edge.

Rapid advancements and constant changes in applications have increased user productivity while triggering challenges to network security, administration, and architecture. “Today, there is a growing demand for higher speed networks. This has caused a profound impact on infrastructure requirements.” says Frank Kondor, Chief Technology Officer of Omni Data. “Organizations struggle to maintain a secure environment while trying to keep network performance acceptable.”

According to Kondor, today’s network requirements are more complex than legacy networks were designed for. “Now, IT executives must adapt for external storage, IP phone, IP video, access control systems, and wireless.” He adds, “ All these systems now converge on one network. Having the right infrastructure, properly configured, and designed to allow for growth and expansion is our goal with each and every client. We make our client’s networks a tool to drive their business, not to be their point of concern,” asserts Kondor.

Omni Data is, in essence, an IT support company for IT professionals. They specialize in network security, WAN/ LAN optimization, and IP based facility security solutions. They excel in network performance and connectivity, routing, firewalls, and disaster planning. Omni Data rounds out their security and performance offerings with IP video surveillance, access control, and visitor management systems.“Because todays advanced systems reside on the IP network, our technical expertise in that area provides us a distinct advantage in properly deploying any number of systems. We understand the entire network,” elucidates Kondor.

“In addition to designing and configuring the systems, we ensure every part of the installation is completed correctly by using our licensed staff of electricians, installers, and engineers. Being able to provide a single source deployment is a key differentiator for Omni Data.”

Just as server virtualization changed servers and storage network application virtualization and SDN are in the process of changing everything we know about networking

The company also offers an array of managed services, including managing hardware and network environments, data backup, and business continuity. Kondor says, “The challenge for many organizations today is staying on top of and managing the infrastructure itself. IT managers and engineers are busy keeping everything up and functioning, not managing the back end.” He continues, “Our managed services allow us to offset the overburdened workload of our client’s IT staff by having Omni Data maintain the network environment.”

Network technology is at a cross roads,” says Kondor. “As software defined networking, cloud service integrations, and virtualized applications (and devices) all become mainstream, our clients need to be ready for the next generation of network functionality and security. Just as server virtualization changed servers and storage network application virtualization and SDN are in the process of changing everything we know about networking.” And Omni Data is right on the forefront. Their technology design and planning provides for next generation ready solutions.

In summary, Omni Data takes network infrastructure and optimizes it into a next generation ready backbone for client’s applications and services, both now and in the future. They secure networks and facilities and provide managed services to properly maintain them. Their motto is “Think One. Think Omni.” And whether you need to improve your infrastructure, optimize your network performance, or deploy IP security solutions, they are definitely a company worth meeting.

Omni Data

West Haven, CT

Frank Kondor, CTO

Next generation ready secure network environments and IP based security solution provider offering design, sourcing, deployment, and management services.