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Douglas Ralston, CEO
OmniExperience finds it absurd to wait at the hotel in order to check into a room. “What purpose does it serve? While traveling, why not be able to check in through my phone. Customers prefer frictionless engagement both in business as well as during travel.” Whether it is planning trips, booking hotels, or walking into a store, the next-generation visitors, guests, and customers demand improved in-destination, on-property, and in-store experiences respectively. Scottsdale-based OmniExperience understands these concerns and delivers improved experiences through various touch points such as mobile, kiosk, digital display, social media, and web.

OmniExperience enables its clients operating in travel, retail, and hospitality sectors to create an ‘omnichannel experience’ for travelers and visitors across multiple marketing channels. The company offers an omnichannel platform middleware solution to easily integrate with hundreds of third-party solutions, from CRM, PMS, PoS to many first party tools built specifically for industries it serves. This platform has a content and analytical system that extracts data from all types of data points to help businesses learn more about their customers and accordingly engage them. It can accept data in any form such as imagery, video, social, and broadcast the same across mobile, kiosk, or display—making it easier for brands to create every engagement that a user would want. “Our omnichannel platform is one of the best in the industry in terms of cost, speed, efficiency, plug-ins, and the ability to integrate with other disparate systems,” says Ralston.

In the travel industry, OmniExperience works with customers ranging from San Francisco Travel, L.A. Tourism to Hilton and Macys that seek to enhance the visitor and guest experience and engage them while they are at a destination or property. The company assists organizations that want to drive revenue and increase awareness from coupons, deals, events, and more. Utilizing its fully integrated social media platform, OmniExperience deploys social content to promote events, offers, bookings, and reservations allowing clients to attract more tourists and visitors. Over the years, OmniExperience has partnered with over 200 top travel partners in the U.S. to empower visitors and guests with a series of tools for better engagements.
OmniExperience ensures to render seamless customer engagement to businesses in the hospitality and retail industry as well. It enables organizations to deliver consistent and personalized experiences to their guests in many ways using rich data. “Most organizations are not aware in terms of what to do with displays. We assist them in broadcasting relevant content in real time, including advanced and localized information,” adds Ralston. The company has also delivered similar capabilities to retail organizations such as Volcom, a clothing brand that was looking to upgrade its new stores, create a digital experience, and boost brand awareness through video, imagery, and social content. OmniExperience deployed a video wall display and a social strategy for each new store of Volcom and also provided their marketing team with real-time visual content management tools. Similarly, OmniExperience has integrated its omnichannel platform with Shopify’s as well as Revel’s e-commerce systems.

Our omnichannel platform is one of the best in the industry in terms of cost, speed, efficiency, plug-ins, and the ability to integrate with other disparate systems

Over the last few years, OmniExperience has established a niche by building and elevating the experiences for travelers and consumers. “Our goal is to build great relationships with clients and improve our platform in an organic way,” stresses Ralston. By the end of this year, OmniExperience will upgrade its platform using augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and chatbot functionalities. The firm further plans to continue innovating with other new technologies and equip customers with robust tools to fulfill their business objectives. “We are one of the first organizations built around the omnichannel that allows customers to create integrated solutions for easily implementing kiosk, display, and mobile technologies without disrupting their existing investments. We want to evolve this philosophy to innovate ways to help our customers now while shaping the tools around customers’ future needs,” concludes Ralston.


Scottsdale, AZ

Douglas Ralston, CEO

Provides omnichannel experiences to visitors, guests, and customers across several touchpoints such as mobile, kiosk, digital display, social, and web