Omnitech: Bridging Data and Business Value

Chad Vondra, Partner
Today, organizations are increasingly embarking on data-driven business strategies in search of optimal productivity, seamless customer engagement, and new market opportunities. However, while they continue to add volumes of current data to their historical data, value realization is still a tip of the iceberg. Changing all this is Omnitech, a software and data engineering company that proactively unlocks the full potential of the organizational data through its game-changing approach, making a difference in a business’ overall strategic planning, profitability, and long-term growth. Taking a holistic approach to data, the company offers everything from infrastructure analysis, data warehousing and DBA management; to BI, data analytics and more. Omnitech excels in forklifting existing infrastructure to create local, hybrid or cloud environments, writing custom solutions and implementing out-of-the-box products such as Microsoft’s Power BI.

"Omnitech sets the cornerstone in turning organizational data into future-ready actionable insights," says Chad Vondra, Partner at Omnitech. The company builds relationships with businesses of all sizes, capabilities, and industries to provide software and data engineering services with a commitment to long-term success. Omnitech's highly skilled software engineers rigorously analyze and monitor the clients' business processes and entire technical infrastructure to identify their unique set of challenges. Through a greater understanding of the business impact, the team of engineers designs a customized data solution by applying Omnitech's proven methodologies and tactics. The firm not only provides marketing forecast based on historical trends but also helps clients become more efficient and revamp their business structure, both internally and externally. “Our company culture is an important aspect of our overall business delivery,” Vondra adds.

"We design transformational initiatives and cross-industry solutions that lead to faster value identification and realization," explains Steven Eidem, an Omnitech engineer. While the company helps organizations with any specific concerns, it takes an extra step by monitoring their entire network infrastructure for additional scope of improvements.

Omnitech sets the cornerstone in turning organizational data into future-ready actionable insights

Having a client base across several industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing, Omnitech leverages its vast knowledge of strategies against similar datasets and problems and blends in ideas across the industries. "Along with the cross-business methodology, Omnitech offers cross-platform solutions that fit traditional, cloud and hybrid scenarios," says Scott Ivey, engineer, Omnitech.

With one relationship, a credit card company with a basic website collected information from online applicants and passed it on to their employees for credit card issuance. The antiquated setup delayed the issuances, affecting the overall business productivity. Omnitech built a multi-home infrastructure for the company that handled 24/7 credit card applications, while combining the customer data with the data from credit bureaus, affiliate networks and the bank for faster evaluation of identity, accelerating the credit card issuance process. The cradle-to-grave solution allows the client to monitor, measure, and maintain the data regarding the number of successful applications, number of actual card acquisitions and can predict the trend for years to come.

As a leading provider of solutions for capturing data from traditional systems, Omnitech is on a never-ending quest to hone and change the way businesses are utilizing their data. The company is also investing heavily in building hybrid and cloud solutions to decrease overall infrastructure costs and increase efficiencies. Their holistic solution includes various aspects of data management such as security, management, and retention. Also, Omnitech is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Platforms, Application Development and Data Analytics helping clients deliver profitable growth, improved cash flows, superior customer experience, and operational excellence.


Sioux Falls, SD

Chad Vondra, Partner and Scott Ivey, Engineer, Steven Eidem, Engineer

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