OnAsset Intelligence: Enabling Customers with a “Future-Proof” Technology Path

Adam Crossno, CEO
In the existing technology-driven world, numerous companies are focusing on overcoming the challenges involved in controlling and managing their global supply chain from specific locations. Firms and business executives are in forage for tools, which can enable them to know the status and condition of their assets across the globe without actually going to their respective locations. Here is the significance of the IoT transpires, but being an industry of tomorrow, leveraging the eminent services of IoT requires renowned proficiency of visionary leaders, striving under one roof. Irving, TX based OnAsset Intelligence Inc. is one such pioneer who is providing wireless software solutions built for aiding customers to locate, track, connect, and manage mobile assets in real-time.
OnAsset began its journey using wireless connectivity to automate various manufacturing and warehousing operations, but it was the overwhelming need of the customers that encouraged the company to extend the benefits of those systems beyond the walls of their facilities. Today, OnAsset provides turnkey services to customers that include wireless tracking and sensing devices, global connectivity, and an enterprise-grade cloud software platform that allows them to configure a variety of business rules to fully automate the management of their resources. This has empowered the customers to easily manage complex systems, synthesize data, learn from their experiences, and make fine-grained, split-second judgments that have immediate impact to their bottom line.“From invaluable items like transplant organs, to pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, perishable food, high value electronics, and mission critical spare parts, our solution can be configured for each customer’s specific need,” says Adam Crossno, CEO at OnAsset. “We allow our customers to manage the security and integrity of those assets at all times.”The aforementioned solutions proffer complete product visibility and also provide updates of any item shipped throughout the global supply chain.
Having the World’s Broadest Footprint

One of the most unique aspects of OnAsset is their rich intellectual property portfolio with 14 awarded patents that covers various aspects of their products and services. FlightSafe, a member of these self made technologies, can autonomously sense when the devices are loaded onto an aircraft. In addition, it automatically enters airplane mode to comply with aviation industry regulations. The patented FlightSafe feature allows the company’s services to be used across any mode of transportation including land, sea, rail and air.

Currently, OnAsset has maintained its focus on enterprise based applications in the supply chain, asset utilization, customer experience, warehousing and manufacturing areas because of the extensibility of their technology and the immediate customer value that the company can create by enabling these verticals with their solutions.

The Roadmap

OnAsset has been on the expedition of providing its customers a “future-proof” technology path by means of offering solutions which are compatible with broad market and consumer technology trends. Now the company is looking forward to continue to innovate and grow their intellectual property to keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

OnAsset Intelligence

Irving, TX

Adam Crossno, CEO

Offers a monitoring and tracking platform that forms transparent supply chains to drive business value and avoid risks.