OnCommerce: E-Invoicing made Easier with Salesforce Platform

Marko Fliege, CEO
The evolution of Salesforce is commendable from cloud CRM solution to invoicing. This is a great example of the way technology needs to progress to help businesses keep pace with their customers. Invoicing and billing environment in particular, has become a complex forum. One of the reasons for this is that in the present day, an invoice that is created has to comply with the constantly changing government regulations. “The need of the hour is a platform to build invoices straight out of the sales and customer data and that is possible through OnCommerce’s Salesforce platform where invoicing is over in a matter of minutes with a few simple clicks,” says Marko Fliege, CEO, OnCommerce.

OnCommerce is providing B2B software for Subscription Billing and Invoicing. The company has brought to market unique products that automate complex contract management processes, and manages recurring billing and subscription management directly from Salesforce CRM. The invoice creation processes can even include usage data from external systems, which gives great up-to-minute insights on the companies’ revenue situation. “The sales department in an organization wants to have insights into the information delivered by invoice management, the customer’s payment mode and, the payment cycles. Through the Salesforce platform we make sure that our e-Invoicing solution makes invoicing simpler and error free,” adds Fliege.

Implementing an e-Invoicing solution can be a complex process as it involves a number of people across business divisions and potentially extends to include the supplier/customer community as well. It also requires integration of different business systems. “Due to these complexities, the organizations opt for our solution, bill.ON, which automates the invoicing process in a company. A single click can create and send the invoices by e-mail or transfer to a printer or external E-Invoicing platforms of the company's customers,” adds Fliege.

With bill.ON companies can automate the outgoing invoice processes for their customers.Especially for complex pricing models, this Salesforce app provides a quick procedure and an error-free totaling of the invoice amount. It also helps in time-bound settlements that pose an enormous challenge, because in most cases they are extremely time-consuming and quite often error-prone.
Customers can expect a time saving of up to 80 percent in the production of the invoices - with a simultaneous significant decrease of complaints. bill.ON records various accounting data, such as products, services times, different pricing and subscription models, commission and gift certificates. The software application is available on the leading cloud platform salesforce.com and is fully integrated in the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM). bill.ON is just ideal for charging frequent services and creations based on flexible pricing models.

OnCommerce is a provider of B2B software for Invoice Management and Billing

The company’s clients belonging to the digital economy include Delivery Hero Holding and the ADTECH, a subsidiary of AOL Networks.. The clients benefit from the accelerated cash flow after switching to bill.ON as the monthly invoices are sent to the clients without delay saving time of the clients and their customers. The electronic distribution of invoices and reminders leads to a significant reduction in costs because printing costs are eliminated. The number of complaints is also diminished, thus effort and cost for the processing of complaints bill is significantly reduced.

For OnCommerce, a strong network between organizations is an important prerequisite for excellent service and successful projects. The company stands out in the crowd as it provides the customer with a quick and inexpensive solution that scales with the future growth of their clients. For the road ahead, OnCommerce wants to evolve into a leading player in the e-Invoicing sector, by creating paperless invoices and partnering with market leaders in the industry. “We take a lot of responsibility when catering to our clients and we care about what really works on building trust in the relationship,” concludes Fliege.


Jena, Germany

Marko Fliege, CEO

Providing invoice management combined with flexible contract management and strong subscription management