Oncourse Systems For Education: Modernizing Educational Processes for Schools

Mark Yelcick, CTO
With the advent of technology, the education sector is undergoing an overall transformation in terms of teaching methods, connecting classrooms, and business models. Moreover, as security and confidentiality climb up the priority list in K-12, district and school administrators and classroom teachers are acclimating to the benefits of a SaaS (Software as a Service) approach to manage student data. “SaaS models push against the natural impulse and desire to keep such sensitive data in-house,” says Mark Yelcick, CTO, OnCourse Systems for Education. Additionally, SaaS platforms can provide secure single sign-on for applications, reducing the hassle of multiple systems. Headquartered in Gibbstown, NJ, OnCourse Systems is educating the K-12 market on the value of a SaaS approach and managing their student data and education processes.

Founded in 2002, OnCourse Systems for Education is a full-service provider of web-based tools that automate and streamline educational processesfor public and private schools. The company integrates and innovates school management applications for K-12. Their cloud-based solutions help in school management, instructional design planning, and monitor staff and student performance. “We offer flexible and scalable tools that can easily be implemented in a single school or throughout a district,” asserts Yelcick.

OnCourse simplifies every aspect of student management, most of which involve a huge amount of multifaceted rules and regulations. Special education is no exception. OnCourse allows administrators to visually document education workflows so that the district is able to take all the necessary actions and document each and every step of the student learning process, including every time a student enters the SE process. With a strategic focus on student data, OnCourse is now rolling out its Student Information System (SIS) state by state and incorporating all of the regulatory requirements that customers need.

OnCourse provides best-practice applications powered by a premier Oracle database and completely hosted, multitenant SaaS platform. OnCourse solutions are always the result of market needs, customer feedback and collaboration.
The company services every client based on need, customer feedback and collaboration. Product refreshes and upgrades are part of the larger, innovative projected foresight the product development team envisions, including functionality, user experience and accessibility.

The company uses its core platform in developing additional modules that focus on other cumbersome processes, including grade collection and attendance, and then seamlessly share that information with all stakeholders without any extra work or effort on the part of teachers or administrators. Kelsey Sturdivant, a teacher in the Camden City School District says, “The interface of the OnCourse program is very user-friendly, the support has been excellent, and OnCourse Lesson Planner makes keeping the arduous task of lesson planning a breeze.” The Oncourse Lesson Planner is a web-based program that organizes and automates the planning and review process. “We believe that our best asset is our satisfied customers who appreciate our technology and the convenience in our business operation,” notes Yelcick.

Oncourse works based on the idea of eliminating as much administrative time as possible, allowing teachers and administrators to better focus their efforts on actual education. “At OnCourse, we spend every day analyzing the market, identifying the needs, and developing solutions,” says Yelcick. They are now addressing cross platform support on a variety of devices. “BYOD is not just a student initiative. Teachers also have been wanting to use their own devices or district-provided tablets for several years now and we are making mobile applications available to our customers.”

We provide tools that can easily be implemented in a single school or throughout a district and make sure that all our tools are flexible and scalable

“SaaS models free our customers from having to actually maintain hardware and the staff expertise related to that maintenance. And, it frees resources to actually engage in education rather than just maintaining infrastructure.”

Oncourse Systems For Education

Gibbstown, NJ

Mark Yelcick, CTO and Guido P. Gallicchio, CEO & Chris Contini, Chief Product Officer

Developer of best-in-class education and compliance solutions that simplify the complex process of school management for district administrators and their teams, school principals, and teachers.