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Gaurav Mirchandani, Founder & CEO
“The future of workplaces will be one where business leaders can approve or automate a business function or process from their Apple Watches; this is where collaboration technology is headed,” says Gaurav Mirchandani, a forward-thinking entrepreneur and investor. His vision to bring in disruptive and new generation technology to enterprises for improving business productivity and eliminating complex manual processes formed the foundation of One Paper Lane, a company which accelerates and automates business processes using digital collaboration. With its cloud-based digital automation and collaboration platform, One Paper Lane (OPL) enables organizations to improve productivity all the way across the front, middle, and back office.

Studies show that 22 percent of employees spend time on repetitive tasks that can be driven down using automation. “Companies employing more than 1,000 workers face millions of dollars of loss each year, due to inefficient tools,” adds Mirchandani, the founder and CEO of OPL. Their platform is designed to be an easy-to-adapt, all-in-one SaaS-based productivity platform to enable workflow automation, smart collaboration, and data-driven intelligence for businesses. With the technology, companies can reimagine processes, collaborate seamlessly, and enhance customer experience and productivity.

With OPL’s low-code technology, companies can optimize and automate any business process digitally across their enterprise any time, using any device. The product offers tons of features to digitalize processes, from procurement to finance and HR to customer experience functions. It creates a real-time digital collaboration environment by facilitating clients to create, manage, and automate workflow processes. Enterprises can communicate with employees internally and with end-users through live-chats, commenting and shared documents and files. Furthermore, they can leverage the platform to manage deadlines, renewals, expirations, reminders, and due dates. The ability to check, define, measure, and automate business tasks and processes with a single tool is a uniqueness that OPL brings to the market while being able to measure KPIs and analytics.

The company builds the configuration of workflows, business rules, and intelligence based on their clients’ requirements to bring about an easy-to-adapt, low-code, and quick cloud implementation, unlike the traditional heavyweight platforms that require mainframe systems and coding capabilities.

The future of workplaces will be one where senior leaders can approve a business function or even automate a business process from their Apple Watches; this is where collaboration technology is headed

Typically, an organization might have an existing ERP system, and OPL can be overlaid as an additional digital layer—due to its uninterrupted integration ability with the current system—within 90 days or less from signing up.

Another noteworthy aspect of its offerings is OPL’s predictive engine through which companies can analyze user behaviors, repetitive tasks, and organize tasks seamlessly. Mirchandani highlights an instance where OPL’s features helped automate the internal processes of one of the largest e-commerce platforms. With numerous vendors like Nike, Puma, and Adidas selling their products on this e-commerce platform, the challenge was to digitalize the process of managing vendors, automating taxes, smooth onboarding, and maintaining the compliance aspects. The client was able to handle the entire procurement functioning digitally with the OPL platform. Having driven down vendor onboarding time by months, the solution enabled the e-commerce client to save substantial operation costs, enhance vendor experience, and increase productivity.

Backed with a robust technology through which an entire enterprise can collaborate with a single platform, OPL continues to help achieve operational efficiencies for businesses in diverse sectors including financial services, e-commerce and retail, law firms, real estate, hospitality, and logistics. Currently enhancing its advanced automation, the company is also focused on bringing in features for its financial service clients, by leveraging blockchain technology. With a combination of its digital technology and human expertise, OPL aims at staying ahead of the competition curve by disrupting the market through its innovations. With any internal leader—CPO, CFO, head of legal operations, or the risk and compliance head—having the ability to simplify workflows with the unique all-in-one automation tool, OPL is bound to drive a complete business transformation for any enterprise.

One Paper Lane

New York, NY

Gaurav Mirchandani, Founder & CEO

OPL’s proprietary algorithm and rule-based SaaS engine, is disrupting the traditional way enterprises manage their business. The OPL platform empowers businesses to harness the power of digital technology all the way through the front, middle, and back office on any device, anytime. With OPL, clients have the ability to enhance employee and customer experiences while gaining better visibility into data insights and analytics. It also Offers a digital workflow optimization and collaboration platform disrupting the way traditional way enterprises manage their businesses