OneBit Software: Building SharePoint Strategies for Better Outcomes

Radi Atanassov, Chief SharePoint Architect, Owner
If you’re looking for the full-spectrum SharePoint delivery partner packed with skills, history and enthusiasm, then look no further—OneBit Software is currently one of the most promising SharePoint partners out there in the field. Recently, the aggressive SharePoint shop scored significantly high profile projects and staffed several extremely talented SharePoint minds, essentially preparing the landscape for a very strong 2016. Together with the history of 200+ delivered SharePoint projects, 2 MVP’s and a strong client base in Australia, Europe and the US, OneBit Software is definitely the SharePoint company to keep on your radar.

Founded in 2011, OneBit Software offers a wide range of services all the way from SharePoint strategy through development to infrastructure and platform support services. Radi Atanassov, Chief SharePoint Architect and Founder of OneBit Software, is one of the very few people worldwide who holds the prestigious certificate “Microsoft Certified Master” and has been awarded “Most Valuable Professional” by Microsoft for five consecutive years for SharePoint Server. Radi is also part of the Microsoft “Office 365 Developer Patterns & Practices Core Team,” helping create the guidance for all SharePoint and Office 365 development scenarios.

SharePoint and Office 365 have gained momentum over the years in facilitating management, collaboration and availability of information. However, organizations have to face a myriad of challenges while migrating to Office 365, aiming to decrease the overall running costs, yet still needing a partner to deliver and maintain the process. OneBit Software offers strong services to solve these problems—“We provide the C-level guidance and strategy to minimize SharePoint’s running cost and we offer guidance to decrease the up-front investment of migrating to cloud-based solutions with Office 365 and Windows Azure. Businesses often neglect that there’s a cost to achieving the savings that the cloud could bring,” says Atanassov.

Besides the historical focus and experience of OneBit Software on the SharePoint platform, the company also has its own products—OneBit Survey Master, an efficient SharePoint survey tool that helps create elegant surveys, questionnaires, polls and feedback forms to easily collect responses and analyze the data with holistic reports.

Integrating natively with SharePoint, our survey product OneBit Survey Master supports various cloud and on-premises deployment options, comes with tons of features, better data security strategies and provides appealing insights over data

This tool allows users to quickly publish surveys within minutes, so they are reachable by any web-capable desktop or mobile device. “Integrating natively with SharePoint, our survey product OneBit Survey Master supports various cloud and on-premises deployment options, comes with tons of features, better data security strategies and provides appealing insights over data,” says Dimiter Kadanoff, General Manager at OneBit Software. Another tool by the company is OneBit Quick Poll, a Web Part that allows users to easily create polls and survey with short and snappy questions. Built with an interface that fits with the SharePoint theme, OneBit Quick Poll has the ability to add multiple polls by creating effective pie charts to visualize the responses to questions in a single page.

Being a staunch believer of constant innovation, Atanassov believes that SharePoint is going through a lot of repositioning and change in strategy. “SharePoint has transitioned to a cloud-first design model, so we are adapting our business with appropriate collaboration offerings and improving on cross-premises capabilities,” extols Atanassov. Furthermore, the firm continues to expand their range of services in Office 365 and dedicate more solutions in the Microsoft Azure space.

For the future, the company aims to be more flexible and agile in their methodology, while delivering SharePoint projects with much greater C-level executive buy-in and overall company strategy. “We do workshops and education sessions, where we talk about architectural options, IT strategy and cost analysis by sharing practical real-life examples from the field,” concludes Atanassov.

OneBit Software

Sofia, Bulgaria

Radi Atanassov, Chief SharePoint Architect, Owner and Dimiter Kadanoff, General Manager

OneBit Software is a strategic B2B partner offering the full spectrum of SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure services.