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Clint Harder, CTO & General Manager
Mid - market companies face a number of unique challenges when it comes to the day-today operation and maintenance of their enterprise applications. These challenges are especially apparent when companies look to leverage the cloud for their enterprise applications. The primary pain points voiced out from customers include scarcity of services, constant pressure to control costs and shrink IT budgets and lack of internal resources with appropriate skills and experience. Coming to the aid of companies facing these issues is OneNeck IT Solutions, who is steadfast in its focus on serving the mid-market.

OneNeck IT Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of tailored, end-to-end enterprise-class IT solutions, including engineering and managing IT infrastructure and enterprise application management services. OneNeck designs enterprise cloud and hosting solutions on ReliaCloud™, the company’s infrastructure as a service platform, and delivers managed services, professional services, and IT hardware. OneNeck has Tier 3 data centers in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Oregon, with an additional data structure under construction in Denver.

Finding Excellence through Exclusivity

“From the beginning, we have built our service portfolio and established our cost and price structures to meet the needs of the mid-market. Developing a significant depth of skill and experience across multiple enterprise applications, in turn, has helped in providing customers a cost effective means to support their ERP applications,” says Clint Harder, CTO and General Manager at OneNeck. In addition, OneNeck focuses on repeatable, yet flexible operations practices. “This allows us to very successfully support a business’ wide range of applications and technologies,” he added. The company tailors its outsourcing solutions to the customer’s specific situation and requirements. They also serve standardized solutions for customers to leverage.
Phil Laforge, President & CEO

Another factor that differentiates OneNeck is their ability to support a heterogeneous application and technology environment. Their breadth and depth has proven to be a differentiator as well. The firm’s service portfolio spans the IT infrastructure and operations space. From cloud and hosting solutions, to managed services for applications, databases, networks, compute, storage, end-user support, and disaster recovery, professional services focused on infrastructure planning, design and implementation, hardware resale, and of course application management for enterprise applications from major vendors including Oracle, Microsoft and SAP, OneNeck offers and delivers it all.

Building Trust with Consistency The firm’s customers span multiple industries including manufacturing and distribution, financial services, retail, utilities, and state and local government. “Our largest Oracle customer is a global, industrial manufacturer with multiple production E-Business Suite environments distributed across three of our data centers, in addition to many other applications and technologies that we operate and maintain for them. While our customer base spans many industry verticals, we have the most traction in the Food &Beverage and related industries,“ adds Clint.

One Neck continues to focus on increasing the efficiency of service delivery. They continue to evolve and expand their services portfolio, staying in line with customer’s needs and the strategy of major vendors. To that end, OneNeck has a series of initiatives in flight such as orchestration, advanced data protection, and expanding the portfolio of applications and technologies that they support,specifically in the Oracle space. The firm also has big plans and product announcements coming in early 2015 regarding further expansions of their application management and managed services portfolios.

OneNeck IT Solutions

Scottsdale, AZ

Clint Harder, CTO & General Manager and Phil Laforge, President & CEO

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