OneNeck IT Solutions LLC: The Complete Data Storage Solution

Phil LaForge, President and CEO
Every media and entertainment company wishes to move from basic-resolution video to high-definition and beyond. However, each time this new leap of resolution is attempted, the storage requirements quadruple. Individual project sizes may grow well beyond 100 terabytes and sixty million files. Companies must find a solution to scale up the storage for their respective render farms, enable the experts in expanding their creativity, and improve quality without IT getting in their way. The business challenge is to accomplish such a business goal, while keeping costs in check, so the project profitability doesn’t suffer.

The resolution of such an impasse along with the many deterrents spread across industries, paved way for OneNeck IT Solutions, a hybrid IT solutions provider, to partner with NetApp in order to create efficient and cost-effective storage solutions tailor-made for their customers’ IT needs. The flexibility of the storage infrastructure ensures the clients no longer have to choose between saving money and improving business responsiveness.

A broad flash portfolio that includes hybrid and ultra-high performance flash arrays accelerate business operations and improve overall experience. Big Data solutions that simplify the management of massive, fixed-content storage systems are, thus, delivered competently.

The company offers end-to-end enterprise-class IT solutions including cloud and hosting solutions, managed services, ERP application management, professional services, IT hardware and top tier data centers. Thought leadership, innovative engineering and hybrid, custom-designed solutions help customers reduce costs, improve service levels, increase revenues, and gain local-to-global competitive advantage. Phil LaForge, President and CEO, OneNeck IT solutions is responsible for maximizing growth and profitability across all of OneNeck’s product pillars.

OneNeck optimizes the storage solution for the clients’ IT needs, while NetApp helps improve performance and accessibility with the aid of their innovative storage architecture.
“With the help of our industry-specific solutions, media companies push the limits of imagination and performance; internet companies keep pace with data growth and demand for new services; gaming companies gain the all important first-mover advantage; and banks store, maintain, protect, and serve their business-critical data,” asserts LaForge.

The make or break facet in ‘data management’ is its protection. “There is no room for error when it comes to protecting the client’s content, who through this gold-certified partnership obtains military-grade encryption for data at rest and in flight, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, misuse, or theft.

As a result of our innovative data center transformation, clients have reduced their data center footprint, improved storage utilization, and enhanced storage system performance

Also, their disc-based data protection solutions safeguard the content assets at a cost that lets the client protect extra data,” LaForge guarantees.

“As a result of our innovative data center transformation, clients have reduced their data center footprint, improved storage utilization, enhanced storage system performance, and achieved superior ‘Return on Investment’,” points LaForge.

With customers spanning a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, retail, education, and government—the immediate-future focus of the partnership is aimed at helping businesses go further and faster. Global enterprise-class services and support experts will assist with this objective which will range from needs assessment to maintenance and enterprises can maximize returns on assets throughout the life of ownership by freeing up internal resources, maximizing uptime, and minimizing disruption.

OneNeck IT Solutions LLC

Scottsdale, AZ

Phil LaForge, President and CEO

Provides end-to-end enterprise-class IT solutions including cloud and hosting solutions, ERP application management, IT hardware and top tier data centers.