Onepath: A Responsive Info-Security Management Framework – the easier way to dramatically improve your overall info-security posture

Greg Chevalier, VP, Information Security Practice
With the number of privacy and information attacks and breaches on the rise, enterprises across all industries are looking to augment security levels with new Information Security strategies. Enterprise information leaks happen many ways—employees emailing out sensitive HR information with social security numbers, intrusions through the supply chain software system, or rogue employees compromising sensitive information. Headquartered in Marietta, GA, Onepath focuses on the three critical success factors of an organization’s Information Security Program – Technical, Physical, and Administrative policies, procedures and controls. “Our comprehensive risk assessment and managed security practice focuses on these three key areas in order to reduce risk for our clients, as well as providing employee education and awareness training on Information Security,” says Greg Chevalier, VP, Information Security Group, Onepath.

Onepath helps clients design, deploy and support technology, from cable to cloud. As an end to end enterprise security solution provider, Onepath helps clients assess security risks, design and deploy a comprehensive strategy (game plan), and maintain security by providing monitoring, analysis, data breach alerts, and response to information security concerns. “Onepath provides the easier way to get hard things done”, asserts Chevalier. “By delivering an information security strategy that includes more horsepower, more commitment and a much more complete game plan, we enable our clients to stay ahead of industry standards. More horsepower relates to Onepath’s ability to equip clients with the expert technical team to provide the right solution, at the right time,” states Chevalier. “Our comprehensive game plan outlines the execution strategy, required resources, and predictable financial plan.”

Onepath’s Information Security Management Program offers an enterprise-grade security solution–risk assessment, penetration testing, security remediation, education and a security operations center (SOC). “We create a program specific to the clients’ needs, allowing them to continually assess, cross-test, remediate, and monitor risk on a continual life cycle,” states Chevalier.

Our comprehensive information security game plan outlines the execution strategy, required resources, and predictable financial plan

Additionally, Onepath’s managed security services is delivered either as an on-premise solution or cloud infrastructure.

The firm’s approach –more horsepower, more commitment and a more complete game plan are its key differentiating factors, as evidenced by its customer centric and comprehensive approach to security management. The firm is also known for helping clients continuously improve their information security through recommendations based upon on-going review sessions.

By way of example, a renowned client from the financial industry approached Onepath to evaluate its current information security state and recommend a go forward best practice strategy. Onepath helped deploy complete security architecture, as well as technical controls and performed exhaustive penetration tests. “We were able to guide the client to implement a best practice and highly secure information security framework supported by our round-the-clock managed security solution,” explains Chevalier.

Onepath helps its clientele revamp existing security strategies, enabling customers to focus on productivity and prevention rather than repairing breach issues.“We provide a framework that captures our spirit of service as well as our passion for operational excellence,” asserts Ben Balsley, CEO, Onepath. The company has experienced rapid growth driven by its ability to constantly evolve and develop service offerings that meet the fast changing technology needs of the market.“To re-affirm our commitment to our clients, Onepath will continue to design, deploy, and manage information security management programs for clients that exceed industry standards and allow our clients to continue to grow their business and maintain peace of mind regarding their information assets,” concludes Chevalier.


Marietta, GA

Greg Chevalier, VP, Information Security Practice and Ben Balsley, CEO

Provides comprehensive information security management technology services