OnePlace Solutions: Transforming Enterprise Content Management with OnePlace Solutions

CIO Vendor Information is crucial in determining the future of modern enterprises, which prompts collaboration of data from a multitude of source points like e-mail inboxes, personal hard disks, shared disk drives and websites. Headquartered in Australia, OnePlace Solutions is working towards creating a universal data access methodology. The company’s solutions connect Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Windows Explorer to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, enabling information to be saved and accessed directly from desktop applications. This helps organizations benefit from their investment on the Microsoft platforms.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the company has customers in over 35 countries and offers a wide range of information worker solutions to customers, which often promote user engagement and adoption of Microsoft SharePoint. “We are committed to the Microsoft Technology platform and demonstrate continuous innovation within the dynamic business landscape we live in,” says James Fox, CEO, OnePlace Solutions.

Most business processes start with the email interactions from end users. With SharePoint/ Office 365 and OnePlace Solutions, customers get an effective entry point to enable effective workflow solutions for enterprise information management and collaboration. OnePlace Solutions provide three products for enterprise content management that minimize change from end users perspective by bringing solutions on the SharePoint platform alive. With OnePlaceMail users get an Outlook perspective of e-mail management and easy access to content without even leaving the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment. It also captures appropriate email records that may contain critical business data.

We constantly strive for innovation and customer satisfaction to improve the business and also invest heavy in R&D to push boundaries for bringing in new solutions

OnePlaceDocs give personalized access to the platform that captures, classifies and provides convenient access to SharePoint/Office 365 for effective document management. Lastly, OnePlaceLive harnesses the platforms enterprise search to remove the user difficulties finding locations for easy access and saving content immediately in the Office 365/SharePoint environment. “There are often times when it gets really hard to deliver scalable solutions with an appropriate information architecture without compromising the user experience when interacting and navigating the solution, says Fox. “But OnePlaceLive enables the business to deliver search enabled applications on the SharePoint platform to fulfils both objectives,” he adds.

OnePlace Solutions constantly strives for innovation and customer satisfaction to improve their business and invests heavily in R&D to push boundaries for bringing in new solutions. The company has successfully implemented its solutions that have benefitted many customers worldwide in managing unstructured information, achieving return on investment, minimizing change, and developing interest in user adoption. One of OnePlace Solutions successes can be found from their work with Golder Associates, a global company that provides consulting, design and construction services. The client wanted to keep a track of daily projects that prompted project managers to create workspace for all project related documentation utilizing intranet with SharePoint platform. It enabled collaboration and knowledge across the projects, however, the need for making it users friendly along with automatically capturing metadata directly from Outlook led to OnePlaceMail.

The organization’s Business Information System managed to install OnePlaceMail with a task group for seamless integration. As a result, 3000 users across the client’s global offices were able to capture better information that was highly embedded into Outlook for minimal change.

“In the future, there is a big scope of transition in the technical convergence of platforms such as SharePoint, CRM, Yammer and Azure under Office 365 for delivering integrated solutions that will empower enterprises towards better productivity,” says Fox. Towards this, OnePlace Solutions is sharpening their solution portfolio while making sure they align perfectly with Microsoft’s evolution.

Scinaptic is currently changing business name to OnePlace Solution in-line with a new and exciting product portfolio.

OnePlace Solutions

Provides solutions for greater end user productivity and to encourage the user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365