OneProtection: A Simple yet Visually Powerful way to Present Income Protection

Michael Sir, President and Co-founder; James Leary, Vice President and Co-Founder
OneProtection provides financial advisors and insurance professionals a presentation software to help them visually demonstrate the need for income protection to their clients in a simple yet visually powerful way.

“The DI industry has essentially been flat for 25 years. ‘If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting what we’ve always got’ so we have set out to breath new life into a stagnant industry,” says Michael Sir, President and Co-founder, OneProtection.”

OneProtection realizes that insurance and financial advisors lack the right tools to effectively present and demonstrate the need for DI planning to their clients. The typical income protection conversations are based on general PowerPoint presentations, flyers and statistics. They are generic in nature and do not address the client’s specific needs.

This tends to create optimism bias, which means the client has a mistaken belief that they are at a far lower risk of a health event occurring compared to everyone else around them. This is the root cause of all client objections. In addition, the policy quotes/illustrations, are presented in a way that makes this type of coverage look very expensive.

OneProtection’s presentation software helps advisors in four critical areas (the 4 P’s) to ensure an effective DI presentation: Positioning the value of the clients income, effectively demonstrating the clients Problem, Presenting new plan solutions in an easy-to-understand way, and putting premium into Perspective.
Unlike most planning software, OneProtection is known for its easeof- use and interactive nature. Advisors can simply plug-in data specific to a client and immediately begin their presentation.

“OneProtection gives advisors the confidence to have the DI conversation in a meaningful way. This translates into both higher closing percentages and most importantly, more adequate coverages for their clients,” says James Leary, Vice President and Co-Founder, OneProtection.

The focus of OneProtection is to provide advisors the right tools needed to help them better demonstrate the need for adequate DI coverage to their clients

OneProtection offers a free trial for any advisor who would like to experience the software and try it out on live client opportunities. This also includes 1-on-1 training sessions so that advisors can get comfortable and up-to-speed using the software quickly and efficiently.

Following the free trial, advisors can choose from either a monthly or an annual plan so that they can continue to grow their DI business and take it to an entirely new level!


Eden Prairie, MN

Michael Sir, President and Co-founder; James Leary, Vice President and Co-Founder

OneProtection software helps financial and insurance professional to demonstrate income protection conversations to their clients in a simple yet impactful manner. Its software system is quite simple and easy for the advisors to use and the clients to understand their health statistics.