OneSpring LLC: Vivifying Human-Centered Digital Experience

Jason Moccia, CEO
In an era of rapid digitalization, where companies seek to stay competitive, the importance of user experience is eclipsed by the technical aspects of development, like architecture and coding. To this end, OneSpring, a design consultancy, is focused on helping individuals, corporations, and government agencies curate elevated and effective software experiences through human-centered design (HCD) techniques. Its team comprises a diverse background of highly-specialized consultants, researchers, user experience practitioners, UI designers, and accessibility experts with experience across various industries and disciplines.

“In a mature UX lifecycle, companies are not only looking at speed and efficiency but also for consistency across their products,” says Jason Moccia, CEO of OneSpring.

Understanding and identifying strengths and weaknesses can help improve and sustain quality as an organization moves along the UX maturity cycle. OneSpring’s services span the entire design spectrum, from user research to front-end development. Its team of experts builds user experiences using various open-source and commercially available platforms based on industry standards and recognized best-in-class technology stacks for mobile applications, websites, enterprise systems, and more.

In the current landscape, with products being designed, developed, and tested regularly, OneSpring helps formulate a rapid prototyping approach to expedite time to market and client satisfaction. The company utilizes various Design Systems to help standardize available design assets. Driven by research and user experience strategy, OneSpring generates usable and accessible UI designs with a thoughtful balance between form and function. It also maps the customer journey based on data-driven insights to identify opportunities and create a path for meaningful customer engagements.
Additionally, they offer educational support to organizations looking to implement industry best practices in user research and user experience.

Established in 2005, OneSpring has vast experience in commercial and Federal projects. Over the years, the company has garnered a reputable clientele from various industries to help them curate seamless user experiences holistically and cost-effectively. Today, it is a showcase of the talent convergence through which many young design talents are being mentored and trained. OneSpring provides a platform for budding talents who have the zeal to prove their design chops to experience and work on real-life projects.

In a mature UX life-cycle, companies are not only looking at speed and efficiency but also for consistency across their products

In this saturated digital environment where consumers are increasingly demanding and tech-savvy, applying HCD is imperative to gain their trust quickly and build brand recognition. The HCD process ensures the right content, features, and functionality are represented in the right place and time, providing optimum user experiences, effortless interaction, and, ultimately, business benefits. “We care about putting people at the center of what you are trying to accomplish and leveraging users to gather insights and test ideas to make sure products are going to work,” adds Moccia. From modernization efforts to mobile design, OneSpring has organizations covered. The company’s multi-disciplinary team with diverse perspectives and talents across strategy, design, and technology has been instrumental for many clients in holistically and cost-effectively orchestrating an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

OneSpring LLC

Alpharetta, GA

Jason Moccia, CEO

OneSpring is a design consultancy focused on designing better products and software for our clients. Their team is made up of User Researchers, User Experience Practitioners, User Interface Designers, and Accessibility Experts.

OneSpring LLC