OneTouchPoint: One-Stop for Specialized Managed Printing Services

David Holland, CEO
The traditional marketing landscape has evolved by leaps and bounds with more companies jumping on the bandwagon of digital transformation. The marketing ecosystem is transitioning to an integrated marketing communication, or omnichannel, environment with the introduction of social media and localized marketing, resulting in higher costs. Moreover, the pressing need for replicating national campaigns in local and regional markets has added to the complexity. On the print production side, it’s been particularly challenging for organizations that rely on third-party print procurement companies, which lack the expertise to integrate marketing communication, perform marketing resource management, or migrate traditional print-related products to omnichannel. OneTouchPoint is effectively addressing the multifarious challenges of the present-day marketing and printing landscape. The company’s cutting-edge technology platform, U.Connect, delivers state-of-the-art managed print services with a focus on comprehensive communication services that support complex multi-channel marketing and print programs.

With an aim to become a one-stop specialized managed printing services provider, OneTouchPoint possesses repeatable vertical market expertise, which helps them deliver similar services to a multitude of different customers cost-effectively. “We are well positioned in the market because we have already made a move toward digital production and delivery, which is a distributed print environment augmented with offset production,” remarks David Holland, CEO of OneTouchPoint. Utilizing a proprietary technology tool, distributed print ecosystems are equipped with the full capability of delivering print services and consumables through a single provider. This enables customers to bring down their cost in terms of delivery systems and render localized production capability in an integrated fashion. In addition, the OneTouchPoint team works relentlessly to reduce the number of SKUs impeding the delivery system, standardize the products, decrease the number of online templates, and focus on the channel that can efficiently improve a customer’s overall business process.
“Ours is a re-engineering environment; we provide managed services on a technology platform that reduces the cycle time of a product lifecycle, from the content to delivery including invoicing,” adds Holland.

Holland underscores OneTouchPoint’s competency in setting up a digitally distributed print environment with the most advanced printing devices in the marketplace. “We are highly focused on moving products from off the shelf and transforming them into highly customized and personalized products on digital devices,” he says. This, in turn, supports two parts of the company’s strategy—facilitating an efficient way of doing business for the customers and allowing OneTouchPoint to focus on the local digital environment that customers are striving to shift their national static campaigns to. What places OneTouchPoint ahead of the game in the market is not just their unique strategy, but also their ability to execute on it and assume accountability when it comes to performance metrics, be it levels of customer satisfaction or overall savings.

Holland cites an instance wherein a significant organization in the agricultural dealer and manufacturing business that sells machinery to the agricultural and contracting customers was on the lookout for a single, integrated managed services provider for multiple services. They were looking to outsource the management of their customer environment, the facilities for all of the skills related to the complementary marketing materials, and the instruction manuals for the products including the billing services. Playing an advisory’s role, OneTouchPoint staffed their facility with 42 individuals involved in print production, digital devices, account management, technology, fulfillment, and design. “We measured all KPIs, and helped the client achieve a ten percent savings per year on those processes and materials,” illustrates Holland.

Moving ahead, OneTouchPoint intends to emphasize channel strategy to find sales and marketing companies that value its solution to business process needs. The company also plans to focus more on its new capabilities within the local markets and expansion of proprietary technology into more business intelligence-related information and analytics.


Hartland, WI

David Holland, CEO

Offers cutting-edge managed print services on a platform that focuses on providing comprehensive communication services, which support complex multi-channel marketing and print programs