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Dr. Jay Bhaumik, CEO
An avid technology enthusiast and visionary, Dr. Jay Bhaumik has inculcated a strong culture and the right set of values into building his company, Onexte Consulting. Eponymously named so, Onexte stands for “on”boarding “ex”ceptional “te”ams. In a broad sense, Onexte is an idea-driven organization, which firmly believes that a great concept can originate at any level within the company. The TX-based firm is a strategic security solution and consulting services provider delivering flexible solutions for complex IT business needs. Onexte distinguishes itself in three core areas—professionalism, efficiency, and quality of service. A certified IBM business partner that specializes in cybersecurity solutions and professional IT services, the firm has a state-of-the-art lab that offers clients proof of concept, custom development, testing, and training. They provide consulting, installations, and configuration of security solutions to help make their client’s IT environment secure, flexible, and scalable, through its Integrated Comprehensive Security (ICS) 360 trademark platform, which includes a broad range of security consulting services as well as solutions.

Dr. Bhaumik agrees that protecting information is a critical security objective for every organization. IT security and IT risk management must be integrated into the executive levels of business planning. IT department needs to ensure that their organization complies with various industry standards and federal regulations designed to keep sensitive customer data safe. An increasingly difficult task in today’s decentralized, mobile, app-filled world, is meeting rules and guidelines set by compliance standards.

Organizations today are exposed to a greater volume and variety of attacks than in the past. Advanced attackers are clever and patient, leaving just a whisper of their presence. As an IBM business partner, Onexte utilizes the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform that helps detect and defend customers against threats by applying sophisticated analytics to more types of data. Now customers can go beyond gathering data from their own systems.

Our proprietary ‘observe, engage and transform’ (OET) methodology is what has set us apart and got recognized by a successful analyst firm

They can supplement it with knowledge created worldwide—and with the ability of Watson to use that knowledge to understand, reason and learn about security topics and threats. In doing so, it helps identify high priority incidents that might otherwise get lost in the noise.

“We believe that our ability to cover many IT disciplines with our proprietary ‘observe, engage and transform’ (OET) methodology is what has set us apart and gotrecognized by a successful analyst firm,” explains Dr. Bhaumik, CEO of Onexte. As a testimony to Onexte’s proficiency in identifying customer’s unique challenges and acting upon it, Dr. Bhaumik recounts the customer success of a U.S. energy company that serves more than one million customers. Considered one of the nation’s critical infrastructures, energy companies make relentless efforts to maintain the security of their systems to combat cyberthreats. To that end, the client sought to protect their diverse variety of endpoints, for which IBM’s BigFix solutions came highly recommended in the market. Once IBM’s solution was deployed, the energy company was able to successfully safeguard its infrastructure and handle the complexities of the energy company’s environment.

On the flip side, Onexte also assists healthcare companies with their software implementation, big data and cloud projects, advisory services, assessment and consulting. The firm aims to be a strategic advisor and one-stop solution for clients in terms of their IT needs by providing managed services and 24/7 cyber monitoring. Onexte always pays heed to innovation; consistently striving to remain on the cutting edge of technology and expand capabilities into additional verticals.

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Dr. Jay Bhaumik, CEO

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