Oniqua Intelligent MRO: MRO Optimization for Asset- Intensive Companies

Andy Hill, Co-Founder & CEO
Oniqua Intelligent MRO is a firm whose analytics help to reduce operational costs and eradicate waste. Oniqua’s cloud-based technology platform, combined with expert consultation, makes advanced analytics simple and easily accessible. The company helps Oil & Gas customers optimize their MRO maintenance, inventory and procurement processes, thereby reducing costs and production risks while achieving enhanced service levels, reliability and safety.

Oniqua works closely with customers to provide extremely compelling value propositions to the Oil & Gas industry. These include minimizing production risks and stock outs, reducing inventory value, preventing surplus and obsolete stock, and cutting down the time spent on managing spares inventories. Oniqua’s flagship offering is Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS), which provides a wide variety of optimization capabilities for Oil & Gas companies across inventory, procurement, and maintenance. Some of the most powerful capabilities of Oniqua Analytics Solution for Oil and Gas are critical spares/asset analysis and optimization; inventory segmentation, visibility and benchmarking; identification of obsolete/disposable materials and master data management/ cleansing.

OAS provides a unique capability to perform end to end analysis across MRO materials management and operations and maintenance. OAS helps Oil and Gas operate more efficiently, safely, and reliably by using sophisticated statistical analyses, prescriptive analytics, and optimization algorithms specifically designed for asset intensive industries like Oil & Gas.
By “right-sizing” high value, critical MRO spares and material inventories, Oniqua not only drives down costs, but does so without compromising the safety or reliability of operations. “Safety is dramatically improved due to optimized MRO maintenance activities, and reliability is greatly enhanced due to OAS’s ability to ensure the right critical spare parts and materials are available to the right people, at the right time, and at the right cost,” explains Andy Hill, Oniqua co-founder and CEO.

Oniqua has provided a variety of enhancements and new capabilities in recent years to help customers. These reliability-enhancing, cost-reducing capabilities have earned the company an impressive customer list that spans some of the world’s leading Oil & Gas companies, such as ConocoPhillips, BP, BHP Billiton, Dow, and Phillips 66. For instance, Oniqua helped the largest independent exploration and production energy company that was struggling from increased inventory levels and reduced ROI. Using Oniqua’s solutions, the client observed reduced MRO working capital by 10 percent within 6 months for one site, in addition to reduced inventory levels. Based on the results of the initial site and desire to centralize on a common platform, the client adopted an enterprise OAS license for global roll out.

Going forward, Hill asserts that the company would focus on measuring the economic value delivered to customers by implementing innovative solutions. By analyzing customer data in the cloud, the company can analyze cause-and-affect and see exactly how the recommendations generated by the software improves customers’ businesses. “This feedback helps our technology team to develop new techniques and inspires our delivery team to help users achieve more. We figure that if we can relentlessly focus on this metric, we could keep the competition at bay and provide a sense of purpose for the Oniqua team,” he concludes.

Oniqua Intelligent MRO

Brisbane, Australia

Andy Hill, Co-Founder & CEO

Helps Oil and Gas and other asset-intensive companies improve safety, reliability and service levels; reduce costs and eliminate waste through MRO analytics and value services

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