Online Tech: A Secure Solution to Woes of all Sizes

Yan Ness, Co-CEO And Mike Klein, Co-CEO
Organizations that seek to protect sensitive and mission-critical data and applications quickly realize that there is no single or simple answer to keep IT systems completely secure. Data protection and security is a complex, rapidly evolving landscape, requiring robustand layered protections. Online Tech serves companies in need of ITinfrastructure by providing secure and compliant private clouds, colocation, and enterprise backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in the Great Lakes market, Online Tech provides the ultimate layered security hosting solutions with a defense-in-depth approach to compliance and security at all of the data centers it owns and operates. “All of our clouds – from multi-tenant to private - are built on an enterprise architecture that includes encryption at the hardware level without the performance or software incompatibility issues,” says Yan Ness, Co-CEO, Online Tech.

Online Tech’s private clouds are fully managed with 24x7 monitoring, management, offsite backup and IT disaster recovery. “We extend this secure architecture to our fully encrypted and de-duplicated enterprise backup and disaster recovery services,” he adds.

“Our legacy of audits and compliance is part of Online Tech’s culture, not a checkbox. Some companies cringe at the sight of auditors. We view it as a winwin partnership, and we benefit from getting an experienced set of independent eyes on our organization. We have worked hand-in-hand to establish a ‘super-audit’ across theentire company that meets SOX, PCI, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor standards,” says Mike Klein, Co-CEO, OnlineTech.
The company protects its clients’ data and interests with comprehensive technical, physical, and administrative safeguards to ensure the secure handling of mission critical data and applications. A complement of enterprise backup and recovery services round out the protection of their clients’ critical IT infrastructure and systems.

The company tailors IaaS and private cloud solutions to healthcare, retail, financial, and insurance companies. Clients include regional banks, major healthcare systems, and online retail companies. The secure IT infrastructure service provider has experienced significant growth in the healthcare vertical in recent years.

Our legacy of audits and compliance is part of Online Tech’s culture, not a checkbox

Moving towards a Well Planned Future

With its most recent acquisition of a datacenter in metro Detroit, the company owns and operates four strategically placed datacenters. This allows the secure Infrastructure provider to continue to deliver secure, compliant enterprise class cloud, colocation, and backup and recovery services to its customers from multiple locations. In the near future, Online Tech intends to continue expansion throughout the Midwest with the acquisition of more data centers focusing on managed enterprise infrastructure services.

Online Tech

Ann Arbor, MI

Yan Ness, Co-CEO And Mike Klein, Co-CEO

A provider of Infrastructure as a service, encrypted enterprise clouds, disaster recovery and related hosting and security solutions.