OnProcess Technology: Driving Digital Transformation of the Post-Sale Supply Chain

Michael L. Wooden, CEO
OnProcess Technology was founded in 1998 to solve a critical, yet unaddressed, post-sale supply chain problem: how to rapidly and cost-effectively retrieve broken and unwanted products from the field. “We had great success as a reverse logistics managed services provider. After a time, however, we saw that, to drive even greater savings and efficiencies for our clients, we also needed to examine upstream issues, including customer support and dispatching of parts and services, because they all impact each other. So we expanded our services and became the only company completely focused on optimizing the entire, end-to-end post-sale supply chain,” informs Michael Wooden, CEO, OnProcess Technology. The company’s services include revenue enablement, customer support, service fulfillment, reverse logistics and transportation order management.

Then, and now, OnProcess has been a pioneer in leveraging visibility technology and advanced analytics to unify client’s fragmented post-sale supply chain processes and gain insights needed to radically streamline operations, boost client’s profits and improve their customer relations. As today’s CIOs grapple with making their businesses as efficient and competitive as possible, and look for ways to transform into more digital, automated, and data-driven organizations, many are turning to OnProcess, thanks to their expertise.

OnProcess is a big believer in marrying Internet of Things (IoT) machine log data with historical and real-time operations data, and Voice of Customer information taken from verbatim conversations. Using analytics and predictive modeling, OnProcess uses this big data to understand what’s happening with client’s products in the field, identify likely issues that specific customers may encounter in the future, and uncover waste and inefficiencies throughout the post-sale supply chain. The firm’s proprietary platform, OPTvision, ties all this together, using alerts that trigger proactive actions to avoid problems, quickly remedy those that are unavoidable, and deliver superior end-customer experiences. “We are the only company with the purpose-built, real-time visibility and advanced analytics solution—OPTvision—needed to consistently deliver strong post-sale supply chain outcomes for clients,” comments Wooden.

We are driven to help clients realize high-impact outcomes. With domain expertise, real-time visibility and advanced analytics technologies, we enable tremendous gains in profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction

With expertise in key verticals including broadband, manufacturing, mobile, medical, logistics, and technology, OnProcess tailors solutions to client’s unique industry and business objectives. “We have a nuanced understanding of post-sale supply chain challenges and opportunities for each vertical. For instance, in mobile where vendors compete on pricing, have thin margins and experience many product returns, we helped a leading provider realize over two million dollars from revenue generation and accelerated equipment returns. In tech, we helped a global storage provider reduce service costs by 39 per-cent saving eight million dollars annually, and enabled another vendor to reduce repeat dispatches by 45 percent and dispatch costs by more than 50 percent,” elaborates Wooden.

OnProcess’ recognitions speak for themselves, as they were named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top 100 for optimizing a Fortune 500 technology client’s global asset recovery, saving more than $3.6 million annually in inventory and labor. Gartner also named OnProcess as a ‘Cool Vendor in Supply Chain.’

An outspoken advocate of outcome-based partnership models, OnProcess believes the best way to ensure success for clients is for managed services providers and their clients to share the risks and rewards, and it designs engagements to support mutually aligned interests. “Post-sale supply chain optimization is gaining tremendous traction. Whatever is needed to help our clients achieve the best outcomes, we will own it and we will get it done,” concludes Wooden.

OnProcess Technology

Ashland, MA

Michael L. Wooden, CEO

A managed services provider specializing in complex, global service supply chain operations–the flow of people, parts and services following the sale of a product

OnProcess Technology