OnTrak Software: Business Intelligence to Power Beverage Distributors

Mark Fullerton, President & CEO Denis Clark, Executive Vice President
Beverage Alcohol has been around for thousands of years, but the business of distributing them has changed dramatically with time. OnTrak Software is a marketing technology company that develops Point-of-Sale (POS) tracking software to help beverage distributors and suppliers track, measure and manage all POS marketing and promotional materials including custom and temporary printed signage, custom beverage menus, permanent displays and sampling events.

“It’s no longer simply a matter of putting a glass in front of a thirsty consumer. The competition for brand loyalty and market share is fierce and only distributors who possess the right tools to measure and manage the impact of their POS marketing materials, and who quantify the return on investment for marketing campaigns, will grow and thrive. Distributors need powerful business intelligence technologies to do it,” says Mark Fullerton, President and CEO, OnTrak Software.

The journey has been amazing for Fullerton– From creating SignTrak, a POS order tracking solution for a single Northern Kentucky-based beer distributor, to making that software available as an on-demand, ‘software-as-a-service’ (SaaS) solution to any and all distributors across the country.

The initial success with the Kentucky Anheuser-Busch distributor caught the attention of Anheuser Busch, whose distributors joined in and increased the company’s client list giving birth to OnTrak as an individual business in 2007. In the following years additional business expansion included MillerCoors distributors as well as some of the top wine and spirits wholesalers across the country. “These beverage distributors know how important high quality signage, menus, permanent POS and sampling events are in driving beverage sales. That’s why they chose OnTrak,” said Fullerton.

“There are three reasons leading beverage distributors choose OnTrak: 1) A single point-of-control for POS marketing management which reduces POS ordering and production expenses; 2) A workflow system to improve communications, decrease delivery times and provide a competitive advantage; and 3) Analysis and reporting tools which deliver accurate and timely information to improve accountability with suppliers,” adds Denis Clark, Executive Vice President, OnTrak Software.
OnTrak Software offers a suite of web-based products designed to take beverage distribution marketing efforts to the next level. The company’s products are SignTrak®, PermaTrak®, SampleTrak™ and MenuTrak™:SignTrak manages the custom printed POS signage process – Order, production and placement. PermaTrak controls permanent POS inventory from receipt, to order, through picking and placement. SampleTrak records and reports on beverage samplings, including who sampled what and where along with tasting comments. MenuTrak automates the order workflow including configuration, approval and production of custom beverage menus and signs.

The company’s clients include Silver Eagle Distributors, Crescent Crown Distributing, Clare Rose Inc., Gold Coast Beverage Distributors, Martignetti Companies, Johnson Brothers Liquor Company, and Standard Beverage Corporation.

Silver Eagle Distributors recently deployed a solution from OnTrak Software to better track their promotional signs’ processing and production, which will help them sell more beer at retail locations. Serving nearly 16,000 accounts throughout 16 counties, they stand as the nation's largest distributor for Anheuser-Busch. With sales of this magnitude, effectively managing POS signage for their retail customers is essential. They opted for SignTrak that captures all aspects of the sign’s life-cycle from ordering to production and placement. This keeps their sales teams focused on selling more product, increasing profitability and capturing more market share.

Beverage distributors need powerful Business Intelligence technologies to grow and thrive

“We see the journey ahead as smooth due to our unique product capabilities. Our solutions are one step ahead of home grown solutions, or competitors who say they are just like OnTrak,” notes Clark. OnTrak believes that the company will progress naturally due to its product range for the road ahead. “Based on our success in beverage alcohol, we want to move beyond this beverage sector into broader consumer good space where POS is just as critical,” says Fullerton and Clark in unison.

OnTrak Software

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Mark Fullerton, President & CEO Denis Clark, Executive Vice President

Provides POS tracking and management solutions for beverage sector