Ooyala: Using Big Data for Personalized Video Experience

Jay Fulcher, CEO
The trend of online video streaming has increased tremendously and with this increase the organizations are facing challenge to deliver quality experience to the audience. Ooyala provides online video products and services to their customers for engaging audience and increasing revenue from video.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, the company connects the power of Big Data to help broadcasters, operators and media companies build more engaged audience and monetize video with personalized, interactive experience for every screen. Ooyala’s online video platform centralizes all aspects from content ingestion to video publishing. With their video analytics, they engage their viewers by creating content and adding value for advertisers.
With the company’s cloud-based transcoding service, new content becomes quickly available in all necessary streaming formats and in any device.

With Premium TV Everywhere, Ooyala’s customers have expanded the effectiveness of video-based business and brought TV online. Customers who use Ooyala technology include ESPN, Pandora, NBC Universal, UNIVISION, Panasonic and Dell. “Our customers choose our technology because we deliver TV-quality performance to any device, and because we deploy faster at scale than the competition,” says Jay Fulcher, CEO, Ooyala.

To provide customers with cutting-edge technologies, the company’s team believes in making workflow simplified and automated. “We go beyond traditional online video platforms, providing software and services combining best-of-breed technologies with industry leading video analytics to help our customers optimize and automate video programming, video streaming and video syndication,” says Fulcher.


Mountain View, CA

Jay Fulcher, CEO

Provides products and services for online video technology.