Opal BPM: Driving Agility in Automating Business Processes

Matt Mintnal, Co-founder & Client Services Director and Chris Ebbs, Co-Founder and Product Director
The unabating trends in digitization of corporate assets, from images and documents, to more abstract concepts like business processes and performance reporting has left no stone unturned. New and improved solutions are springing up to address various business intricacies within an organization including business process, digital asset, and project management. Organizations—especially retail and manufacturing units—are in search of integrated solutions that can address all the operational challenges instead of relying on individual solutions for specific needs. This instigated Matt Mintman and Chris Ebbs to review the various workflow components including digital asset management, PDF approval, workflow and reporting, then seamlessly tying them together, leading to the creation of Opal BPM. “Our solution encompasses all the key business elements within a single application,” states Chris Ebbs, Co-Founder and Product Director, Opal BPM.

“By bringing all the core components into a unified application, our solution ensures process visibility and reporting in real-time, which simplifies many business complex processes,” adds Matt Mintman, Co-Founder and Client Services Director, Opal BPM. The London-headquartered technology solutions provider was founded on the three pillars of delivery success— People, Product, and Process. “We bring people, processes, and technology together to provide user-focused, business-enhancing workflow solutions,” explains Mintman. In an age, where corporates are striving to amalgamate the diverse and multifaceted resources within their organizations, Opal BPM’s solution strikes out with its significant collaboration features. The software works by extending the BPM layer that lies outside an organization into the wider supply chain community, making it in line with legislative requirements for retail, pharmaceutical and other regulated industries. The range of solutions, with its ease-of-use features, ensures user-friendly interaction within the entire corporate ecosystem.

Opal BPM, with its built-in PDF document approval engine and business intelligence components, aims to simplify the adoption of an automated business process workflow. The software portrays efficiency in bringing together different background processes associated with running a successful business operation.

We bring people, processes, and technology together to provide user-focused, business-enhancing workflow solutions

For instance, a retailer, creating private-label packaged goods from idea to the store shelf, needs to move the necessary packaging artwork under the scrutiny of business processes that include collection of digital assets along with necessary approvals of the digital artwork. It is this space that Opal BPM, with its deep expertise in technology and a team of domain-specific business analysts, has found continuous traction.

On one occasion, a top 4 UK retailer found inconsistencies in their data with missing product specifications and a lack of proper project management procedures, owing to various distributed manual actions. When the retailer sought Opal BPM’s solution, a process framework was included which eliminated manual tasks of tracking and approval through email or even paper in some cases. The system gave the retailer a 40 percent reduction in the time it took for a product—from conception to launch—all in a fully tracked and audit-complaint solution. An increased accuracy in the approval process and monetary savings of more than a million dollars a year added to Opal BPM’s credibility in this sector.

Highly configurable, Opal BPM invites their clients and user base to a regular Product Council where ideas are shared and suggestions for potential development are discussed. These ideas are considered for implementation by the Opal BPM team. With an active R&D program running alongside a community-led product roadmap, the Product Council is a lively two-way review of technology and emerging business drivers and trends.

Maintaining intense focus on information security, connectivity and system integration techniques, Opal BPM has aligned its future goals in providing innovative solutions that capture the essence of a modern business management arena and fit in a modern corporate technology eco system.

Opal BPM

London, UK

Matt Mintnal, Co-founder & Client Services Director and Chris Ebbs, Co-Founder and Product Director

Provides a tailored, user-focussed BPM solution that automates business processes, and increase efficiencies in digital asset management and document approval

Opal BPM