Open Mind Technologies: A Pioneer in 5-Axis Milling

Today, the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software has become a necessity more than a sophistication, and manufacturers are increasingly linking them up with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) applications for processes such as fabrication, assembly, materials handling, and testing. Meanwhile, while implementing the aforementioned procedure and realizing the associated benefits of improved quality, reduced cost, increased product performance, and shortened production time, shop floor managers face technological hindrances and critical organizational issues. Open Mind Technologies is a world leader in CAM/CAD solutions for machinery and control independent numerical control (NC) programming. This company offers a wide range of outstanding 2.5-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, 5-axis milling, and turning strategies, as well as other applications. Open Mind Technologies is globally known for its prowess in cutting-edge five-axis technologies with products such as HyperMill CAD and HyperMill CAM.

HyperMill is a modular, flexible, single integrated and interfaced CAM solution for mill turning and machine operations such as high-speed cutting (HSC) and high-performance cutting (HPC). With applications such as milling impellers, turbine blades, tubes, and tire molds, HyperMill is a complete machining platform with just one CAM system and postprocessor. Complete machining with only single CAM software, one postprocessor and minimized machining time, while also increasing reliability provides maximum process reliability, cost efficiency, and quality. HyperMill Maxx machining is a performance package for drilling, roughing, and finishing that saves a tremendous amount of time while delivering top quality, allowing CAM programmers to maximize machine performance, optimizing pocket strategies and trochoidal toolpaths to ensure fast material removal.

Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill CAM software is compatible with leading CAD programs such as Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks. However, , Open Mind Technologies also offers its own CAD solution called the HyperCAD-S. It is easy to import large amounts of data from other CAD programs and make it interoperable with HyperCAD-S, which is a CAD software for CAM programmers and its primary objective is to accelerate CAD-oriented tasks for NC programmers. Various shapes of meshes can be easily selected, and elements can be quickly modified and added.

Open Mind Technologies are pioneers in 5-axis processing, and will continue to embody this pioneering spirit. In the future, this will be our utmost challenge”, says Dr. Josef Koch, CTO and one of the founders of Open Mind Technologies

The software is modern and based on 64-bit technology resulting in exploiting the capabilities of 64-bit, multi-core CPUs, and GPUs of graphics cards. HyperMill Virtual Machining provides simulations such as center, optimizer, and connected machining. This interface has the “feel and look” of a real machine control system for programmers, operators, and planners to quickly get acquainted with the new simulation technology. Open Mind Technologies also offer services in training and consulting, assisting industries in improving their efficiency by educating their human resource about the latest CAM and CAD technologies.

In every phase of a project, Open Mind technologies offers a comprehensive, customer-oriented concept clubbed with its open-minded expertise. Open Mind Technologies believes in innovating the CAD and CAM industry, and their core technologies are developed in house, and their streamlined structures make the company very flexible. By understanding its users’ day-to-day practices down to the granular intricacy, the company takes this as further motivation to continue developing and innovativing ideas, even after 25 years in the CAD industry. “We are pioneers in 5-axis processing, and we continue to embody this pioneering spirit. In the future, this will be our utmost challenge,” says Dr. Josef Koch, CTO and co-founder of Open Mind Technologies.

Open Mind Technologies

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Dr. Josef Koch, CTO & Co-Founder

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