Open Source Storage : Performing Enterprise-level Open Source Deployment

Eren Niazi, Founder & CEO
For Eren Niazi, CEO of Open Source Storage (OSS), “Freedom Matters—Go Open” isn't just a slogan, it's a promise for a more efficient and cost-effective technology for the world. “OSS’s ideology is all about the paradigm shift of setting technology free and allowing it to evolve,” says Niazi. A growing demand for open source technology and financial support from a new group of investors led Niazi to extricate enterprise data centers through open source software.

San Jose-based OSS helps perform enterprise-level open source deployments and integrates existing business infrastructure. As proprietary software companies are trying to mold the industry by providing advanced hardware and software solutions, OSS, on the contrary, helps organizations break free from proprietary lock-in vendors. By leveraging a-use-fee solutions, OSS goes beyond the traditional open source implementation—strictly identifying the appropriate software application from several open source technologies available. The company’s solutions are designed to offer choices and flexibility, through products which include cloud, data storage, and media systems built using highly integrated open source software and open standards hardware.

At OSS, every file that serves a stated purpose is tested and validated to determine its overall quality and fit-for-purpose capability, and later integrated into the system. “Our solutions are created by leveraging the product line of both hardware and software stack components, and systematically tuning them for optimum performance and scalability,” states Niazi.

The solutions of OSS are built in cloud, which is pre-configured and can extend private cloud capabilities or retained in hybrid cloud mode as it supports integration with public cloud platforms. Each system is pre-loaded with open source software stack, without the remittance of annual licensing fee. The storage solution is used as an independent subsystem and can be integrated with cloud. “Our highly-integrated systems are optimized to meet the demands of today’s cloud computing, data storage, and media serving environments,” adds Niazi.
“Apart from integration capabilities, we also offer software development and customization services for the implementation of open source technologies.”

Similarly, OSS also leverages a turnkey system that includes hardware and software configuration, integration, test, and deployment direct from the factory. Known as the ‘open source’, OSS brings open standard components to its effect. In addition, the company offers a product called Storage-To- Go and is Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) based. Storage-To-Go offers backup or secondary storage and can integrate well with proprietary systems.

OSS has helped many clients to bring in reductions by 30 percent of their total costs of data ownership—with no software licensing fees and hardware costs. Friendster’s, a social gaming site, data center operations improved after OSS came to the picture. Similarly, social media giant, Facebook could fetch $5.5 billion in revenue with the support of OSS and commodity hardware of OSS.

Delivering such cost-effective and reliable solutions, OSS remains committed to innovation and excellence in open source technologies. The company leverages its extensive partnership network to bring together a team of data center experts, innovators of technology solutions, and strategic systems engineers to form its core body of expertise. Making an indelible mark on the world of business applications, OSS is focused on launching new products with higher levels of functionality, scalability, and security.

Apart from integration capabilities, we also offer software development and customization services for the implementation of open source technologies

Open Source Storage

San Jose, CA

Eren Niazi, Founder & CEO

Open Source Storage is a provider of high performance open source solutions.