OpenPro: Empowering End Users with a Modern Flexible ERP Solution

Jim Clark, CEO & Business Partner
Before OpenPro, Jim Clark, a seasoned manager for a value-added integrator of ERP solutions in Southern California, discovered the effort and time it takes to incorporate add-ons to the standard ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Well-versed with the nitty-gritty of ERP solutions and issues, Clark decided to develop a modern, integrated, web-based, open source ERP software product that meets the need for an affordable and less complex ERP in small and medium-sized businesses.

Available in three options—Easy ERP, Enterprise ERP, and OpenPro Cloud—the company’s ERP solutions not just reduce the initial purchase price and the ongoing maintenance expense to less than half as compared to a Microsoft ERP software solution, but also comes with preferred database, operating systems, and functional component options.

OpenPro has been playing it big in the manufacturing technology space since over a decade, thereby empowering businesses to choose between cloud and on-premise setups without compromising security. OpenPro’s accounting software, open source performance management software is designed to conduct operations for the manufacturing, supply chain, retail POS, non-profit organizations, and similar industries. OpenPro offers easy implementation along with the adaptability and flexibility to run seamlessly regardless of any platform.

Through the years of development of the solution, the company focused on creating a comprehensive web-based product written in PHP, powered by LAMP open source technology and a rules-based engine that provides the flexibility to support many different industries.

“Almost 95 percent of the e-commerce websites in the market are PHP-based,” explains Clark, “we have judiciously connected our PHP-based solution to open-source programs which consequently helped us build a solid financial system.”

Along with these features, the solution also comprises mobile applications, paperless workflows, payroll (HRMS), timecard and CRM capabilities. OpenPro runs on all standard SQL database engines such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and IBM Db2.
The on-demand functionality of OpenPro allows its users to pay for only the features they use. For instance, if the customers require a basic manufacturing module devoid of material requirements planning (MRP), they can avail the benefits of the standard manufacturing module, along with production scheduling, work orders, workflows, and pricing.

OpenPro has worked closely with governmental organizations to help them streamline their processes and drive productivity into the business. OpenPro offers a streamlined workflow and built-in document imaging, used for auditing and controlling the system.

What makes OpenPro second to none is the combined expertise in the realm of development, marketing and business operations of ERP applications, open source, and strategic business development it brings to the table.

The value it adds to the ERP realm can be best explained with one of OpenPro’s client case studies that involved an auto parts distributor who was facing issues in delivering orders to their clients on time. OpenPro activated a business-to-business e-commerce shopping cart into their system, thereby allowing customers to place round-the-clock orders themselves, with same-day pick up for orders placed by 2:00 pm. Consequently, the client was able to enjoy a 300 percent improvement in their profits in the first year without any additional employee cost.

In a similar case, OpenPro had built a sales order configurator enabled with EDI for a firm in the manufacturing industry, which helped them consolidate 3000 bills of materials (BOMs) into one. With the OpenPro sales order configurator module, the options can be selected at the time of ordering followed by generating bills for production, and finally, process the production order. In a nutshell, functions were more streamlined and consolidated, leading to an increase in profits.

OpenPro is currently available in nine languages with more language addition requests into its solution. A GAP and IFRS compliant organization, OpenPro has aggressive global expansion plans. “Our major aim is to empower end-users across countries—create their own dashboards, screens, reports, and simultaneously make changes to the system,” concludes Clark.


Fountain Valley, CA

Jim Clark, CEO & Business Partner

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