|opensourcearchitect|: Architecting a Seamless Open Source Environment

Farhan Hussain, Founder
More and more enterprises are embracing open source softwares into their core business and varied application needs. Red Hat has undoubtedly become a leader in this space—powering some of the most demanding systems in the world—with its cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability benefits. Being a Red Hat premium business partner, the Las Vegas, NV based |opensourcearchitect| (OSA) provides full range technology, products, services, and training to Red Hat users around the globe at a lower cost. “We strive to provide a sales and delivery experience that is persistent to Red Hat worldwide support and cutting edge products,” says Farhan Hussain, Founder, OSA.

Backed by an experienced technical team and deep industry knowledge, OSA offers guidance and fit-to-purpose suggestions in implementing new OSS projects. For instance, to help organizations become mobile-ready, OSA leverages Red Hat Mobile Application Platform to develop, integrate, and deploy enterprise mobile applications—whether native, hybrid, or on the web. OSA’s knowledge in handling a wide variety of leading tool kits and frameworks help their clients to collaboratively develop applications across multiple teams and projects while gaining central control over security and policy management. The firm also offers services and solutions around Red Hat’s Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) that proffers easy-to-build, reusable back-end integration. The offering enhances productivity and also drives efficient reuse of complex backend connections for developers and IT departments.

MBaaS includes a line of strategy for lightweight, high-performance framework that ensures security while integrating mobile applications with back-end systems. OSA can assist enterprises in putting this to full use—using encryption, user authentication and authorization. Additionally, MBaaS manage data storage, scaling, notifications, and analytics while enabling application developers with a choice of best-fit cloud deployment options. Complementing this approach is the Mobile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool that facilitates developers to work concurrently on multiple application projects without impacting each developers work.

OSA leverages Red Hat Mobile Application Platform to develop, integrate, and deploy enterprise mobile applications—whether native, hybrid, or on the web

OSA also makes use of JBoss Middleware to provide cloud-native services, from developer tools to data management. “In our experience, Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite reduces our clients’ costs and increases their revenue by helping them plan and manage their entire business architecture. Our clients realize these results using the powerful workflow capabilities in JBoss BPM Suite, along with its world-class flexibility and security. And of course, all Red Hat products come with industry leading support,” remarks Hussain. To that end, OSA’s middleware expertise provides end to end solution architecture services to implement and deploy JBoss with least possible downtimes—helping enterprises use limited resources in a more cost effective manner.

Complementing their suite of solutions is OSA’s talented consulting team that assists enterprises in determining adept technologies that yield the maximum results. The team alleviates the herculean challenge of identifying best-fit solution for specific project requirements by precisely navigating and architecting open source technologies, proprietary frameworks and suggesting accurate licensing policies. This helps enterprises that require a mix of both open source and proprietary technologies for their business needs, by avoiding operational bottlenecks.

In the days to come, OSA plans to strengthen its position as a simplifier of Red Hat platform usage, assisting enterprises across implementations, compelling transformations, expert guidance, and customized solutions. While the complexity within Red Hat ecosystem grows, OSA is poised to meet and exceed customer expectations—from development to deployment.


Las Vegas, NV

Farhan Hussain, Founder

Offers end-to-end solution architecture services from development to deployment around Red Hat landscape