OpenSymmetry: Enabling the Shift from Uncertainty to Opportunity

Todd LeBaron, Co-Founder & CEO
In the current technology driven business world, CIOs often grapple to build their organization’s IT prowess on the cornerstones of costs, agility, and compliance. Even though, enterprises have found more userfriendly cloud technologies to supersede their traditional on-premise solutions, the issues surrounding cost and security still hang heavy for many. “IT needs solutions that can mitigate risks, increase compliance and security controls, and enable enterprises to be agile in meeting their business needs,” says Todd LeBaron, Co Founder and CEO, OpenSymmetry (OS). With its profoundness in consultancy, backed by a string of eminent partners, OS brings IT tools that are built on the bedrock of Trust, Speed, and Assurance. Austin, TX headquartered OS, partners with tech titans such as IBM to extend their support to CIOs in leveraging cloud solutions and driving value. “For IBM, we are the Globally Accredited Premier Business partner for Business Analytics and IBM Incentive Compensation Management (ICM),” adds LeBaron. He further adds, “For the past eight years, since IBM practice has become a part of our core business strategy, we have completed over 900 global projects, and have 60 IBM consultants, 26 technical and six sales certifications worldwide.”

To be ahead in the game, OS wields its unique expertise in introducing integrated enterprise solutions across sales, finance, and HR along with the support of IBM. The company has joined hands with IBM’s product development team to build tools as per the shared use cases thus offering what the market demands and the customer needs. As, assured results and secure frameworks are where the entire clamor exists, OS has introduced its OS QUICK START FOR IBM ICM. “It takes our domain expertise in sales and compensation coupled with IBM’s technology to deliver an out of the box solution versus a completely customizable one,” notes LeBaron. The company also unshackles organizations from the time consuming responsibilities of managing their IT infrastructure Enter OpenSymmetry EDGE, for clients that intend to spend their time focusing on managing their business rather than technology. “We can manage our customer’s incentive and planning processes with IBM ICM, and Quota and Territory planning, while empowering them to leverage IBM’s solutions to gain a competitive edge,” says LeBaron.

OpenSymmetry was founded because we knew there was a better way to deliver services rather than just implementing software

That being said, OS also believes that technology should not be the focal point for organizations when it comes to eradicating a business roadblock. “OpenSymmetry was founded because we knew there was a better way to deliver services rather than just implementing software,” says LeBaron. “And it starts with developing a strategy to achieve a future state, before technology selection.” OS’s strategy services provide its customers with a comprehensive overview of what needs to be changed whether it is with the people, processes, or technology. The company believes in improving business processes using Kaizen methodology for operational excellence. With Kaizen, OS enables customers to deploy their testing, delivery and training strategies seamlessly, while simultaneously keeping tabs on the success rate.

From building strategies to enhancing incentive management, OS have assisted various organizations connect the dots between what they do now and what they need to do in the future. A major insurance corporation was able to reach a mark where calculated compensation on more than 300,000 transactions was made in less than ten minutes. With a highly customizable solution provided by OS, the customer monitored their performance levels against their targets, and also accelerated the development of compensation plans by 66 percent saving tens of thousands of dollars annually.

In the coming years, OS will be seen focusing on their growth expanding their portfolio, through acquisitions, and developing stronger partnerships with their partners allowing organizations to drive accelerated business performance effortlessly.


Austin, TX

Todd LeBaron, Co-Founder & CEO

OpenSymmetry is a global advisor that delivers sales, HR, and finance solutions to drive accelerated business performance