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Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO The word is 'Mundus Novus’—or a new world. The digital revolution has launched a new era of human empowerment and business engagement, and clearly, there is not one area in the enterprise that remains unchanged. This indicates a new breed of millennials redefining the workplace culture, the collective adoption of Industry 4.0 essentials (cloud, IoT, and AI), to the forever evolving security posture in firms. Amidst all these progressions, the immeasurable value of one aspect that remains set in stone is 'big data.' At the opening ceremony of the Enterprise Tech Conference 2018, CEO and CTO of OpenText [NASDAQ:OTEX], Mark Barrenechea sums up the value of big data through a simple yet resonating statement, “We believe that data and information can be harnessed to ensure these changes make a profound and positive impact on all of our lives.”

Today, OpenText, the information company is a global phenomenon that empowers the connected and intelligent enterprise. Based out of Ontario, Canada, OpenText’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software and solutions are the one-stop shop for organizations in the age of information to improve business insights, reduce information governance, and overall nail the digital transformation process. Founded in 1989, as a spin-off from the University of Waterloo, today OpenText not only has a rich history to fall back on but they are a global leader in EIM with a presence across the Americas, Asia, and EMEA. Under the leadership of Barrenechea, a pioneer in technical computing and an industry veteran with over two decades of industry experience in IT and applications development, the company has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions, into a billion dollar IT company.

"We believe that data and information can be harnessed to ensure these changes make a profound and positive impact on all of our lives"

Mastery of Information

Research by IDC indicates that the accumulated volume of big data is expected to reach 44 trillion GB by 2020. The onus now rests on organizations to attain a 360-degree view of their big data but given the rapidly growing nature of data, that's a feat easier said than done. Enter OpenText with their expansive list of ECM software and solutions that connect information silos from across the enterprise from wherever it resides, whether in ERP, CRM, or HCM applications to fuel the digital workplace, mitigate compliance risks, and unlock the true value of content. With solutions ranging from intelligent capture to records management and archiving, OpenText enterprise content services are available on-premises and in private and public clouds.

We are yet again redefining the EIM market with the launch of OpenText OT2, our flexible, hybrid platform for EIM services and application deployment

To facilitate end-to-end management as content flows through critical processes, the OpenText Content Suite Platform is the foundation for the company's EIM offerings. Content Suite Platform is a fully featured, highly scalable, web-based document management system providing a secure, single repository for organizing and sharing enterprise content. The platform not only indexes and classifies content and transforms physical records into valuable digital assets but also reduces the total cost of ownership while increasing team productivity. Moreover, the platform also ensures agile information governance to address an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscape and reduces risk while allowing organizations to focus on information to drive innovation.

To bring the much-needed efficiency in document collection and validation, the company's OpenText Captiva is an intelligent enterprise capture solution that converts paper documents into application-ready digital content in order to lower costs, minimize risk, and streamline integration to new and existing systems. Another compelling platform by OpenText that paves the way to seamless content control and trusted cloud is OpenText Documentum. The platform allows users to build content-centric applications and solutions, deliver case-based applications, and manage highly precise processes in the most regulated business environments.

When a large oil and gas company in Papua New Guinea was on the lookout for a content management system that would ensure its critical engineering documentation is secure, accessible, and available, their obvious solution of choice after a thorough market investigation was OpenText Documentum. The entire Documentum cloud environment was deployed in weeks, rather than months that it would have taken with any other on-premises implementation. The oil company’s engineers across many locations can now easily search and view safety-critical documents, multilevel drawings, and other project files, as well as maintain proof of adherence to policies and procedures while complying with unique regulations. Documentum also easily integrated with the client's ERP and collaboration applications, including Microsoft SharePoint to offer a single source of truth and workflow. In addition, Documentum is also the central repository for corporate policies and procedures, as well as medical and other employee records. Through it all, the client observed a 30 percent operational cost savings and improved bottom-line productivity and agility. If that wasn't all, going ahead, the solution will eventually serve 1,500 employees, and given its flexible nature can be easily scaled for future growth.
Matchless Insights for Business Success

Hands down, the information created by an organization is its most valuable asset and to bridge content silos and deliver content in context for more effective business processes, the OpenText Extended ECM platform is a groundbreaking solution that integrates enterprise content management with lead applications. These applications can range from Salesforce, Microsoft, Office 365, SAP, or any other enterprise software and through this integration, there is increased insight and transparency.

Keeping in mind that one of the biggest hurdles in data management is effectively utilizing it, OpenText offers a comprehensive set of data analytics software such as OpenText Analytics Suite and Magellan to identify patterns and relationships through data visualizations and interactive dashboards. The core features of the software include AI-augmented analytics, self-service analytics, and a customized analytics designer. With OpenText's data analytics firms can now benefit from all unstructured data and identify new business opportunities as it allows them to uncover trends and identify future behaviors. Needless to say, timely insights also help improve decision-making and optimize campaigns and operations resulting in accelerated time to market and improved customer experience.

To deliver the highest possible level of service, the company also offers a host of professional services from state-of-the-art consulting, managed, to learning services. The OpenText professional services team comprises over 3000 EIM experts and leverages best practices, honed over 25 years of its market presence. Specifically in consulting, the company provides application and solution planning, implementation, upgrade, and customization while learning services encompass virtual classroom and in-person training. So far OpenText has completed over 40,000 projects globally and at any given time has several thousand engagements in progress around the world. Since each customer has unique requirements and deserves unparalleled support and service, the OpenText Global Partner Program helps successfully meet all client needs. The list of partners is exhaustive and includes the likes of stalwarts such as Accenture, Capgemini, and Datum Solutions.

Build Your Digital Future

Staying ahead of their long-term commitment to deliver industry-leading EIM platforms, the company recently launched OpenText OT2, the platform for innovation that brings together micro-services for content collaboration, security, process automation, and analytics. “We are yet again redefining the EIM market with the launch of OpenText OT2, our flexible, hybrid platform for EIM services and application deployment,” says Barrenechea. For businesses that belong to highly regulated sectors, OpenText will offer optimized versions for verticals such as life sciences and financial services. These include OpenText™ Quality, an application for the life sciences industry, and OpenText Legal for the legal sector.

In the end, continuously inspiring new ways in ECM with their state of the art solutions and cutting-edge services, it can be aptly said currently OpenText is a game changer in the information infused future.


Waterloo, ON

Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO

OpenText is the solution provider for EIM products, which enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact, and process speed. OpenText enables intelligent and connected enterprises by managing, leveraging, securing, and gaining insight into enterprise information, on-premises, or in the cloud. OpenText software applications handle content or unstructured data for large enterprises, government agencies, and professional firms. OpenText aims its products at addressing requirements in the information management sector, including handling of large volumes of content, compliance with regulatory norms, and mobile and online experience management

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