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Elizabeth Moran, Principal
Workday’s Power to Adapt is a best-of-breed system, streamlining people and financial management through one system. However, to take full advantage of Workday, it must be configured properly for each business’ unique needs. After deployment, many businesses are left without the knowledge to achieve this feat and struggle to maintain the Workday financial system and take full advantage of product enhancements as Workday evolves.

Operiti Consulting’s goal is to bridge the knowledge gap and leave customers with a team who have the right skills and tools; and can confidently support Workday for today and into the future.

“With us, you’ll get a fresh attitude and a completely new understanding about your Workday solution. You’ll hear more things like, ‘Wow! I got what I needed right away, and now I can do my job better and faster’. You’ll hear less about how hard the system is to use and that it’s not working the way users thought it would. Your users will become smarter. They’ll start discovering ways to do their job better and become your biggest advocates, all by making sure Workday is optimized for your business,” says Elizabeth Moran, principal at Operiti Consulting.

For over 20 years, Elizabeth Moran, Operiti Consulting founder and principal, has developed and implemented financial software across many industries; and has worked directly with Workday for 12 years. The company ensures every Operiti consultant has the Workday knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose issues and optimize the system. Operiti consultants look deep into a client’s system configurations to ensure best practice. They also observe how users interact with the system and the actions they take to perform their jobs. With these data points, Operiti Consulting enables businesses to be more efficient and brings value to the investment they’ve made.

Often, the decisions clients make during design don’t hold up in practice. The Operiti team can quickly identify issues and solve them. Users no longer have to spend hours digging through data or performing redundant tasks to get results.
This leads to better user engagement, which correlates with a well-optimized system and a greater return on investment. This level of knowledge only comes with years of deployment and support experience.

For example, Operiti Consulting delivered optimization services for a major insurance company. Having been live on Workday for over two years, the company’s management was unknowingly left with a time-consuming and manual reconciliation process. Its undersized support team faced poor user engagement. Operiti Consulting was able to optimize the bank reconciliation process, reducing headcount by 50% and processing time by 90%. Resources could now focus on value add activities.

With us, you’ll get a fresh attitude, a completely new understanding about your Workday solution. You’ll here more things like, “Wow! I got what I needed right away and can do my job better and faster.

“Beyond support and optimization, we’ll help you sidestep significant re-work when you want to deploy additional Workday functional areas in the future. So you can extend your Workday footprint without costly reconfiguration. We can foresee potential configuration issues that you can’t possibly expect to know about if you’re new to the system,” states Moran.

Moran's ultimate measure of success is reaching a stage when clients are knowledgeable and self-sufficient; and no longer need Operiti Consulting. That being said, for customers new to Workday and preparing to deploy, the company acts as a client advisor. Operiti works alongside implementation partners to ensure that phase one sets the customer up for success and they arent constrained by configuration decisions made initially.


San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth Moran, Principal

With 12 years experience in the Workday Financials space, Operiti Consulting has the experience to quickly identify issues and optimize the solution. Users no longer spend hours digging through data or performing redundant tasks. This leads to better user engagement and improved efficiency.