OPERR Technologies: Customized Dispatch and Pre-scheduling Management System for Commercial Vehicles

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Kevin Wang, Founder & CEO
While many vendors are busy developing solutions for medical care facilities and hospitals, very few are working towards providing the right set of tools for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service providers -- to manage rides and bring accuracy in billing, among other daily operational tasks. NEMT service providers lose millions of dollars annually due to improper billing practices. Settling reimbursement claims for NEMT providers promptly can become complicated for several reasons. These can include such things as varied billing rates based on the type and level of service, time of day and other complicating factors. NEMT providers need to track, document and report all of these with absolute precision. In a quest to resolve all of these challenges, OPERR Technologies -- a ride booking and vehicle dispatching software solution provider, has developed a series of innovative mobile and web-based applications. These application modules collectively support the daily business operations of any vehicle dispatch base using the OPERR platform.

OPERR Technologies is a subsidiary of OPERR Group and is the first and largest Dispatch Service Provider (DSP) approved by the New York City government to be a DSP technology provider, creating revenue saving applications for the transportation industry. The management team of OPERR Technologies has many years of first-hand experience in the transportation industry and the products are meticulously tested to provide an outstanding user experience, which significantly increases efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

To increase bases' and drivers' operational efficiency, boost performance, customer retention and profitability, OPERR’s comprehensive platform streamlines the various processes of a transportation service provider - from handling customer calls to accurate billing.
Besides, OPERR’s digital phone system algorithm is integrated into its dispatching system and is fully customizable based on client preferences by using the built-in configurator. The platform continually monitors incoming calls and automatically classifies and routes the call to better assist customers. This helps to fulfill customer requests without the need for human intervention, which further reduces labor costs.

In essence, OPERR is a transportation business management platform with integrated booking, dispatching, pre-scheduling, billing and digital phone systems features. The platform caters not only to NEMT service providers but is also designed to help any Taxi, Car Service, Limousine/Black Car or paratransit company focusing on increasing their customer retention and service quality. OPERR accomplishes this by processing trip bookings from various sources and dispatches vehicles, manages fleets and provides billing solutions automatically and securely. The OPERR Platform’s web-portal serves as a central access point to drivers, customers, and administrators to access various application modules and their respective accounts.

OPERR’s all-inclusive transportation management service brings drivers, vehicles and the whole transportation network into a single equation in real-time. With its unique business model, OPERR delivers solutions at substantially lower costs compared to its competitors, as it utilizes the latest technology and automates 95% of the billing service. The current transportation industry has a high-demand for OPERR’s all-in-one platform with its specialized applications and patented technologies. OPERR Group will soon provide its service across the United States.

OPERR Technologies

Flushing, NY

Kevin Wang, Founder & CEO

OPERR’s cloud-based platform is designed to increase base and driver operational efficiency, boost performance, customer retention, and profitability by processing trip bookings from various sources, dispatch vehicles, manage fleet, billing accounts and digital phone service accounts, etc. The platform reduces non-compliance penalties and billing errors, provides pre-scheduling, dispatching, real-time information, payment management, insurance renewal alerts, billing ‘look-back’ service, and many more. OPERR’s digital phone system continuously monitors incoming calls and intelligently answers, classifies and automatically routes the caller to the assistance customers are seeking based on their account metadata. The configuration of all phone system components is fully customizable, allowing further configuration to get the most optimal business setup