OppSource: Knowledge-Based Sales Engagement Platform

Mark Galloway, Co-Founder & CEO
Digital transformation has impacted industries across every sector and companies that fail to recognize and realign their business processes risk losing their market edge. With the industrial revolution 4.0 flourishing at a rapid rate, running a successful business in today’s interconnected world, where buyers and sellers together form the structure of the balance of trade, requires diminishing the polarity in terms of sales and customer engagement. This is where OppSource comes in to serve companies in the Oracle ecosystem by helping them enhance workflows and find opportunities. “Traditional sales method tends to focus on the product, but this legacy approach is no longer effective. We are catalyzing the shift to a customer-focused model that leverages virtual engagement. Today’s buyers don’t want to be interrupted and hence prefer virtual engagement, especially in the early part of their buying journey,” asserts Mark Galloway, co-founder and CEO of OppSource. The company’s sales engagement platform is uniquely designed to help B2B companies automate sales engagement processes by efficiently covering all of the related touchpoints that are necessary to achieve effective engagement of today’s modern buyers.

Galloway highlights that larger organizations have to employ efficiency at scale as they have large numbers of employees and organizational issues to manage. As a result, companies invest heavily in Oracle’s enterprise capable solutions that are designed to help large enterprises manage these complexities. The OppSource Sales Engagement platform was designed to help large sales organizations enable their new virtual sales professionals with AI-powered automation and insights that nicely front-end and augment Oracle’s Sales and Engagement Cloud. OppSource helps customers adapt to the new selling model and simultaneously provides them with AI automation that enables their sales teams to be more relevant more quickly. “As an example, we utilize dual channel voice transcriptions to capture phone calls in a form that machine learning can then analyze, to find keywords, key phrases, and action-item patterns that help sales management identify success patterns. This will redefine the next-gen selling experience and enable large teams to be more relevant with today’s buyers,” says Galloway.

We redefine the modern selling experience and enable large teams to be more relevant with today’s buyers

By implementing AI and machine learning into the sales workflow process, the company is essentially combining immediate feedback and sales coaching right into the sales person’s daily workflow. OppSource’s purpose-built engagement solutions provide sales professionals with an easy to use, easy to navigate composite dashboard. This uniquely designed dashboard was designed to help sales reps automate and prioritize each touchpoint for every contact they are pursuing. Something they would have to manually keep track of and manage as they try to prospect and engage using traditional CRM systems.

In one instance, OppSource assisted one of their customers to change their sales coverage model. Where they once had an exclusive field-based sales model that went from school to school to sell their school photography solutions, they now have a combination of inside sales and field salespeople. This coverage model puts more of the prospecting and opportunity development on the inside team and refocuses the field team on the highest priority sales opportunities. This has helped them quadruple the average revenue per rep.

Coming later this year, OppSource is planning to launch their next generation analytics dashboard, enabling sales managers to quickly identify the patterns of success; touchpoints, messaging, keywords to use, questions to ask, etc. that will help scale success across the entire team. “With our 3rd generation solution, we want to get one step closer to providing a guided selling platform. Knowing what the patterns of success are, will help drive prompted coaching and assist sales reps to ask the right questions, share the right messages and proof-points, and make themselves more relevant to contacts they are selling to virtually,” concludes Galloway.


St. Paul, MN

Mark Galloway, Co-Founder & CEO

The company develops and sells a unified engagement platform purpose-built to enable today’s sales professionals to engage with modern buyers with a high degree of relevance