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Wayne Thompson, Director of Business Development
Eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are already witnessing immense changes in the world, not only from a macroeconomic business view but also in terms of day-to-day activities. The crisis has significantly changed consumer behavior on a global scale. Even the customers that once preferred browsing the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores would rather sit in the safety of their homes today and shop using e-commerce apps. And more likely than not, this behavioral transformation is here to stay. While many companies were initially looking at this lifestyle change as a setback, they are now coming to realize the blessing in disguise—an opportunity to propagate in the e-commerce market.

But the one question looming before them is: what truly makes consumers choose one e-commerce site over the other?

According to OPTASY, a Drupal web development agency, the answer is quite straightforward: consumers always go for appeal, simplicity, and ease-of-use. All that they want is to get their products in the simplest way possible, without having to struggle through the bumps of clunky websites and painfully long loading times. But the road to achieving this simplicity in an e-commerce platform is not that simple. Often, companies end up leveraging unconventional designs and reinventing their e-shopping platforms into something completely unfamiliar to the consumers, which ends up estranging them among their target groups rather than gaining leads. Against this backdrop, OPTASY is rising to be the guiding compass that can help organizations sidestep the common challenges and achieve familiar and superior omni-channel consumer engagement capabilities. Whether it is transforming an e-commerce page into a ‘customer magnet’ or making a company website perfectly reflect its brand values, OPTASY is truly the one-stop-shop for a broad range of web development solutions.

The company helps its clients redesign and re-platform their aging websites as per the constructive feedback gathered from their customer base, thus facilitating their transition to a faster, simpler, and more intuitive user interface. To make this happen, OPTASY derives the best web technology in its arsenal (Magento, Laravel, Drupal, Shopify, Angular, and others) and develops engaging websites for its clients and their end consumers like no other.“E-commerce clients who want to excel in the online space or retailers seeking to make the switch to e-commerce depend on our seamless multi-channel solutions to connect with their customers,” says Wayne Thompson, director of business development at OPTASY.

The first step to achieving this e-commerce excellence begins with a seamless onboarding process, wherein the OPTASY team gleans the primary objectives of their clients. Most of the time, clients’ main motivation to upgrade their e-commerce processes is rooted in customer recommendations. OPTASY, through its extensive expertise and knowledge, understands exactly what the client’s customers expect from the e-commerce sites. Thus, the client’s consumers become a central part around which the e-commerce makeover pivots. By giving the end consumers what they expect, OPTASY ensures that the e-commerce brands are able to attract and engage their customers at a very personalized level.

E-commerce clients who want to excel in the online space or retailers seeking to make the switch to e-commerce depend on our seamless multi-channel solutions to connect with their customers

OPTASY’s unique collaborative approach is further augmented by its robust Drupal maintenance and support program. As a dedicated maintenance partner, OPTASY performs an in-depth analysis of the client websites from time to time, including audits that involve inspecting the documentation, the current Drupal environment, security system, overall performance, code base, and modules. The maintenance program is customized for each client and comprises personalized guidance based on specific needs and budget. “No matter if it’s a small e-commerce site or a large enterprise-level application, OPTASY’s team is always equipped to scale its support services accordingly,” says Thompson.

He further illustrates OPTASY’s collaboration approach through an instance where a client, MechanicsHub, wanted to upgrade their website. The site is comprised of content-heavy subsections, including articles, trade resources, and others. The client sought to redesign the site and make it more intuitive and modernized. This led them to OPTASY, which successfully migrated their website from WordPress to Drupal. Using Drupal, OPTASY was able to simplify the entire content structure of MechanicsHub and implement a responsive design that resonated with the consumer base. As a result, MechanicsHub transformed into a website that was not only visually pleasing but was also much easier to navigate and simple to operate.

This is but one of several such projects where OPTASY helped clients connect with their evolving customer base. Today, the company is empowering many small and mid-size businesses by offering them special pricings to facilitate their shift toward e-commerce. OPTASY is also incredibly proud of its collaborations with COVID-19-focused non-profit organizations, wherein it has helped them build a site called COVIDTrials.ca. The site serves as an intuitive platform for volunteers to participate in the clinical trials and contribute to a potential vaccine.

Moving along its path of evolution, OPTASY is gradually increasing its footprint in the e-commerce market. With the pandemic situation showing no signs of slowing down, OPTASY is preparing its offerings to meet the second-wave of e-commerce migrations. The company is functioning as a launchpad for an increasing number of manufacturers and retailers focusing on expanding their online presence. “We don’t want our clients to settle for another nice-looking site or app; we want them to excel in the e-commerce space with carefully crafted, high-quality platforms that truly connect them with their consumers,” concludes Thompson.


Toronto, Canada

Wayne Thompson, Director of Business Development

OPTASY is a Drupal web development agency that specializes in delivering unapparelled omni-channel customer engagement. Through creativity, passion for innovation, and technical expertise, the company ensures that clients have access to some of the best web development technologies in the market. At the core of OPTASY’s client-centric approach is a highly-skilled development team with extensive expertise in the e-commerce sector. Whether it is transforming an e-commerce page into a ‘customer magnet’ or making a company website that perfectly reflects brand values, OPTASY is truly the one-stop-shop for a broad range of web development solutions